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Happy Monday!!

I pray you had a wonderful weekend!!

I did!! And it wasn't just because I went to the antiques fair in Round Top and Warrenton…I also got a lot done in my house so that we could wake up this week in a fairly clean, cool, gorgeous house!! yay!! 

But today's post is not about cleaning…it's about our little excursion into the Hill Country of Texas!!

Here's a crazy thing…I didn't take any selfies of us girlies (there were 4 of us!) that went!! I was too in awe with all of the "stuff" that was around.

Here are a few pics of what I loved (but didn't come home with!):

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I thought this chicken coop would hold most of my fabric stash!! Don'tcha think?

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Or these locker baskets?

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This would be a fun fabric holder, too!! 

And what about quilts?

There were lots!!

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love this pattern!

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Love these hexies…not so sure about the yarn ties…hmmmmm…

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Sheep!!! No, I didn't come home with these!!

I sent these next two pics to Mr Gorgeous to see if he wanted these for above our TV…he didn't want to spend as much as they were asking, but the idea was good!

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(he actually liked the pics better than the horns…hmmmmm)

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I'm not sure I want a cow skull up on my wall…even though I have a deer up there…still working that out!! 🙂

Now, for my loot!! I didn't spend too much. I was actually pretty well behaved!! 

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It's my own personal tradition to get antique buttons…this was definitely the best price I saw there!! So I swiped them up!!

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It's also my tradition to get a "cutter" quilt. A "cutter" quilt is a quilt that is so old and ragged that the only thing you can do with it is cut it up and make smaller things out of it. This one is soooo awesome and it was $20!! I plan on making pillows for my little couch in my bedroom. 

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I also want to try to see how one would repair an old quilt by practicing on this one. (on a much smaller scale than trying to restore the whole thing!! eeek!)

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Most antique fairs and shops have loads of these fun printed table cloths. I found one with my fave colors and in very good shape (that wasn't an arm and a leg!!)

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I love the little people!

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I also love love love vintage textile spools! This one came from the Houston Cotton Mill on Buffalo Bayou!!

Photo 1 (3)

It has the original yarn on it! Looks super fun!!!

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I picked up this vintage handsewn block to use as a center for my mini quilt swap that I'm doing! My secret partner loves red and white!! (I will soak it in Vintage Soak first to make sure all of the yuck comes out!!). How fun is that???

And then my annual quilt purchase…

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It's a very small baby quilt, but the embroidery and the handquilting is soooooo exquisite!! LOVE!!!

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Photo 2

Photo 4

Most are depicting children's nursery tales or rhymes or stories!

What a fun time we had!! I am really looking forward to going back at the end of March!!! Gotta keep saving up my pennies and keeping my house all cleaned out so we don't become hoarders!! 

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My week is already planned for me!!! What are you doing this week?? 

I'm also getting ready to go Glamping!!! Stay tuned for that story!!!!



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