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{I just found the app Snapseed…here I am playing!!! above}

So, I sat for about 30 minutes trying to figure out how to put my 30 blocks together…you know, the blocks I just got through doing?…


I'm thinking very seriously about making every block 12.5" square…okay, I won't do that, but I do wish I had a design wall. (Put  that on my Christmas list!!)




I do plan on sewing it together in columns…5 columns of 6 blocks each. 

I hope to have the top pieced by our quilt guild meeting next week!! yipeeeee!!!

Here are a couple of other fun projects in the craft studio right now!


There will be some thanksgiving applique on this beauty before it's all done!! 🙂


Don't you think these need to be a Thanksgiving quilt, too???? LOVE!!!


Here's a fun project that my little college sorority girlie came up with!


See that last Greek letter? It's Lambda! (get it? Lamb? Sheep? Love!!)


Ohhhhh…this is going to be beautiful when it's done!!! eeeeek!!


Here's my healthy block for the week!! I've joined a group on Facebook called the Quilter's Boot Camp just to give me a little more accountability with staying on track with my weight loss and hopefully inspire me to get moving!!  Each week we do a block, too!! I've lost weight this week and made a block!! yay for me!!



Just think…when I'm done, I'll be skinny, healthy, fit, and have a gorgeous sheep quilt to boot!! Love!!!

What projects are you loving this week? I hope to share more tomorrow! I want to list all that I want to get done this quarter, too!!



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    so many works on the go! Can’t wait to see all your blocks put together.

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    do you mind if I copy your blocks block for block?! 🙂 okay maybe not every block #rookie xxxxoooxx I LOVE this quilt 30days!!!

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