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Fall is here!!! I love fall…I love autumn…I love coffee…I love pretty much everything!!

Okay, I'll dial it back on the coffee…LOL!!!

So this past weekend, I took two of my girlies and went camping! We knew there was a huge chance for rain…so we made the best of it before the downpour…

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Glamping at it's best right here!!!

And when I got home Sunday, I actually got some time to do a little sewing!! Yippeeeeee!!!

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some bow ties…

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Love this Collage fabric of Carrie Bloomston!! 🙂

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three more!! 


This is what happens when you get your Christmas stuff out and then your whole craft studio freaks out!!!




Time for Christmas fabric!!! Ohhhhhhh…I'm ready!!!


These are ready to be whipped up!! Perfect handwork for work today!!!


How about you? ready for Christmas???? 

Let the handmaking begin!!!



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