{no, i’m not cheating!}


Today is Thursday!! That means we are doing an applique or paper piecing block!

{see all the block posts here!!!}

I'm super excited to tell you that I've conquered my first paper piecing block!!!

I had a friend give me a couple of books that she had in her house …serendipity for me, for sure!


I grabbed this one and determined I was going to learn how to do this!

And I did!!!!


I did Cindi's block! 


I did have to do an extra quarter panel because I didn't rip out a piece when I didn't fit…I didn't even notice it didn't fit until the whole block was done!! Slow down, sister!!! LOL!!!

But it's okay…another mug rug is always appreciated!! (or a little pin cushion with a button on the issue!! lemonade, people, lemonade!! LOL!!)


My only other issue (because only Jesus is perfect!!!) was that I ran out of white background fabric. So I used solid white (Kona Snow) instead. Made you look, didn't I??


I love this pattern with these fabics!!! 

And thanks to my IG buddies for helping me keep on keepin' on when I thought it was a bit too busy!!

If you haven't tried paper piecing yet, do it! It's worth it. Those corners and points that are so beautiful…ohhhh…worth it!!!

Blessings today!!!


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