{night block!}


{summer is officially over!!}

a night block…like a night crawler, only without all of the worminess!! 🙂

This is the first day I did not finish the block before sundown!! Eeeeek!

But that's okay…I had a great day today, for sure!

It was worth it…

I hope you still like the pics…

Today's block used a special tool:

The Flying Geese x4 No Math Ruler!!


I have a hard time starting any block that has flying geese, because I just don't want to have to think about it!!

But guess what!! Using this ruler and THIS video, you can make 4 flying geese without any thinking at all!! :) 

So, I used my last piece of charcoal grey Kona and added some fun flying geese (6 to be exact…)!!



I like it!!!


I'm super excited about how this quilt is shaping up!!! yay!!!


Tomorrow, back to basics!!!




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    Loved seeing all your blocks at meeting today, I’m really inspired with your whole idea of a block a day. This one is fantastic too!

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    Thank you for that tutorial – I will definitely be using it!
    Your block is so pretty!

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