{home, sweet home!!}


I'm in a very nice place right now…a very thankful place!

But it wasn't always like that! Actually, this very morning, I was over the top!! LOL!!!

I get to that deer in headlights place and stop and wonder what to do first!! That was me this morning with my mental list going 90 to nothing!!

Then I remembered such and such wasn't happening until tomorrow…

then it rained, so I didn't have to go grocery shopping…

then I put my hair up in Princess Leia buns and all was right with the world!!


I did something else this morning…

I wrote a tutorial for Julie's blog!! Yay!!!


My Paloma Star Quilt

Super fun, fast, and sweet!!!

And if you go read to the end, you may find a little pressie there from Julie herself!! ♥



For my daily block, I had a block today!!! A mental block, that is…

I have a million ideas for applique, lots of books, magazines, etc…but I wanted something a little more unique. And I knew that I wouldn't have any time at the sewing machine today! So it had to be handappliqued. 

I'm good with that!

In the past weeks, I've been inspired by a lot of different designs. Yesterday, I stopped as I was going through patterns at this pattern by Carrie with Such Designs:


Wonky Little Houses by Such Designs

It is a sweet little pattern that I'm looking forward to completing!! 

For my block, I took the idea of hand appliquing a house onto a piece of fabric…and here's what I came up with…


Definitely wonky…


and definitely hand appliqued!! I really love this technique. I loved manipulating the fabric. Control is fun!! 🙂


It too will be super fun to quilt to make that little house pop!!


Fun, fun!!! For me, the time spent just sewing the house pieces down to the fabric was my realigning period of the day! You know, that time where you stop, think, work through stuff, and just rest!

{sneaky peek!!}

Tomorrow, I have a free pattern for you!!! I hope to get it up in the morning…but real life has been taking over lately, which really is okay!! 🙂

Blessings to you this marvelous weekend!!!


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