{happy monday!! we love it here!}


Hey everyone!!! Aren't you glad it's Monday again??? Another chance to finish those lists written last Monday??? (that's me!! eeeek!)

But I do have a bunch to show you this morning quickly before I run off to work this afternoon!!

First of all, let's see what block I picked today!

Mondays are book blocks. 

I made a fun block from the book Modern Designs for Classic Quilts by Andie Johnson and Kelly Biscopink. Super fun!!


I made a block from Andie's quilt, Les Elefants et Hippos:


Here's my block:


Kind of like the Disappearing 9-Patch, only different and starting with a 4-patch. 



This book is really accessible for all types of quilters. There are wonderful designs that inspire and get you cutting and using that gorgeous stash that we are all hoarding!

Speaking of stash…

Check out my ever-growing list of to-dos…


I finally picked up some other fabrics to go with this awesome Lizzy House Pearl Bracelets in blue. These are for Cora's "couch" pillows that I will be making this week!! I'll be using a tutorial that I will post up here soon from this project:


This past weekend, I spent all day Saturday learning how to make a dress and adjust the pattern so that I can make a million of them in my exact size. Here's my finished project!


I really love the way it came out and I can't wait to make several more (with different design elements) out of these voile fabrics:


We used a Colette pattern and cottons…I had picked up some of Tim Holtz's new Eclectic Elements fabric that I LOVE!


It was funny because we were all quilters there taking the class, and Jen, our teacher, was talking about how quilters always buy little bits of fabrics. When you sew garments you have to buy bigger chunks of fabric. 


Now that I've cut up this big chunk of fabric, I have little bits to quilt with!!! yay!!!

…Check out what I got in the mail from Carrie over at Such Designs!


I helped out a little bit with her Watercolor Quilt pattern and she was super generous to send me some fun pressies!!! 🙂


Stay tuned to my blog in the next few weeks!! There will be a giveaway!!!!! yipeeeeeee!!!!!

Last but not least, I'm almost finished with my Holiday in London Duffle by BariJ Designs!!!


I'm super excited about how it is coming out!! yay!!! I hope to finish it tomorrow afternoon when I have some real sewing time. I'd do it tonight, but the Texans are playing in San Diego and that means handwork!!! I'm getting a lot of little handwork projects done thanks to football season starting! 


Now, aren't you glad it's Monday??? I really need a whole week to continue my finishing!! eeeeek!!

Blessings to you this week, and I'll see you tomorrow with a fun block pattern from a magazine!!!


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