{happy monday!! for all the book lovers…}


Happy day!!! A fresh new week to inspire us into creativity!! And another wonderful fresh new week for which to give thanks to our awesome Creator!!! yay!!

Today, I have a couple of creations that I made using books in my stash!! 

First, I saw a pic on my Instagram feed of a girlie who was standing in between two vintage buckets. She was wearing a cute skirt (or dress) and cowboy boots. It was such a cute pic (just of her feet and hem of her skirt and the two buckets on either side of her). Of course, she was showing her purchases for the day at a flea market. But the composition of the pic just made me want to go out and make a million dresses and skirts and wear them every day with cowboy boots!!! (which, btw, I do own because I live in Texas!! of course!!!)

So, Saturday night, I peered around in all of my books looking for a simple A-line skirt pattern that I could whip up for Sunday morning church…crazy, I know!


I frequently go back to this book for lots and lots of sewing basics that I need to refresh my brain on!! While looking through it, I found an awesomely easy A-line skirt pattern. 

And because I took that awesome garment sewing class from Jen last week, I had the confidence (and the voile fabric from Julie's store!! eeeek!!) to whip this up in 1 hour and 20 minutes!


I tried to take a pic myself…still on a learning curve with photography, but it's all good…


I roped Emma into helping me (see what I did there? roped?? LOL!!!) – check out that bandaid…so country! LOL!!!

Fun, fun skirt!!! I learned a lot, too about my ever-shrinking body…don't trust the measurements from a week ago when using a new pattern. It was too big because I left too much ease in the waist thinking that the fabric would shrink when washed (I didn't prewash because I was in a hurry! I started sewing at 11pm…crazy, I know!) 

So, I'll need to adjust it on the right seam, but I know how to do that now!! yay!!!

I still love the look!! :) 


Speaking of books, today's block comes from another book I found while searching for the skirt pattern…


I first bought this book because it was trending on IG and Twitter. But I didn't have a computer that printed PDFs well at the time, so I put it up on the shelf.

Last night, I looked through it again and read this letter from a 1922 Farmer's Wife…


I wanted to move to the country immediately!! But I settled for making the block instead. A lot cheaper!! LOL!!


And my version…


Soooooo cute!! 


And little…it's 6" finished! It's going to be the cutie block of the quilt!



What books are you finding in your stash??? 

IMG_0911 copy

Did I mention how much I love books????

Blessings for a great week to you today!!!


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