Back when I was digitally scrapping a WHOLE bunch (go to Oscraps to see all about digiscrapping!!), I would scrap pages of my kids with my darling friend, Krista. She would tell me that I didn't have enough pages of Emma (see that beautiful girlie above!!). Emma soon became known as the forgotten child. 

(I think I have a book of scrapbook layouts where most of them are Emma…just sayin…)


{pic by Megan Rogers Photography}

Truth be told, I don't forget about Emma. I don't forget any of my kids…because I love them too much!!

Sometimes, I forget my phone…

Sometimes, I totally forget to make my bed!! (not often lately…)

Most of the time, I forget the hard times in my life…the struggles…the negative words…the bad attitudes…

Sometimes, it's good to remember the hard times so we can cherish the good times that much more. But even more, I need to remember that I'm not ever forgotten either!


I am a child of the living God who loves me so much, He gave everything to be with me!!



And I did not forget today's quilt block!!

Today, we are focusing on Applique!!


I did machine zigzag applique on this block!!

I am in love with clotheslines…


To make this block, I drew the clothes in my sketch pad and then traced them onto freezer paper. I stuck the paper onto the back of the fabrics and cut them out. 


I used a glue stick to stick the little outfits onto the fabric block. Then I zigzagged around each piece. Then I zigzagged the clothesline and the pins (using a red thread!! love!!). 

I learned a couple of things with this block. 

First, I still love clothesline applique!!

Second, it probably would be a little more standout with a darker outline thread color. I always forget that…wait, did I say forget?? LOL!!!

Third, I will add a lot more detail when I quilt this block. For sure. Especially on the apron on the right. I love the shape, but I want the little details. They will come. You will see!!


(dontcha just love that sheep duct tape???? I sure do!!!)

Tomorrow, a fun embroidery block with a FREE PATTERN!!! yipeeeee!!! (it's my current fave!!!)

Blessings to you today…

…and don't forget, you are not forgotten either!!!




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