{finishing is totally awesome!!}


It's here…

the last day of September…

and here I am at almost the last hour of the day…

blogging my last block!

What a feeling of accomplishment!! Yes, it'll be even better when the quilt is made and quilted and bound and washed and on my fun king sized bed!!! 🙂

But wait, I'm getting ahead of myself!!

Here's the last block of the month!!

Remember this book?


See that quilt on the front?

I LOVE it!

So I made that block today!!!


The Modern Crosses Quilt Block



It's going to be the center of the quilt! 

Ohhhhh I know this is a quick post, but I need to go get my sleep so I can get up and blog all of the blocks with links to them!! 🙂

Happy September!!

Blessings to you and even more in October!!


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