{day 28 of our 30 days!! time flies…}


Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Can you believe we are down to the last three days?????

I can't!!!

Right now, while I'm in the midst of life, thanking God for every breath and every blessing, I'm going to stop here and just tell you what a pleasure it has been to make 30 blocks and present them here!! 

I hope you have had some fun with the posts, too! I hope you are inspired to make something you have never made before!!!

And I hope that I've let you in on my little secret that I want the whole world to know…

IMG_0953 copy

that you are LOVED!!!

Sometimes all we need to get started on something (anything…like dishes, laundry, a new quilt pattern…) is the knowledge that we are loved! That it's okay to try something and fail OR succeed!!!

When I decided to tackle today's block, I did it without hesitation. I knew that it may or may not work…that my skill may or may not be good enough. And I think I pretty much succeeded…we'll see in the final quilt! LOL!!!

Satuday blocks are blocks using a special quilting tool…so today I used my Big Shot Pro Sizzix machine! I adore this machine….


I have a YouTube video up showing how to use it and showing how awesome it is RIGHT HERE!!

When I scheduled this block, I remembered that I had bought the apple core die and had not used it yet. (curved edges!! yikes!!!)

So I cut out 8 of them, used 6 and made this…



check out my center!!!! matching points! what???? 🙂 I think that is pretty successful!! yay!!


Something I've found in my block making is that I need to learn how to press better. There is an art to it, for sure!!


One down…two to go!! I love it! and I hope you do, too!! 🙂

See you tomorrow for our simple back to basics block!!

Happy Weekend!!



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