{a block here, a block there…and a little self care}


Yep, I'm just sitting here enjoying my 15th cup of java…JUST KIdding!!!

or as my kids say…JKLOL!!

Today, I focused a little bit more than I usually do. I must have gotten a little more sleep last night than usual. Or it was the caffeine…

And in my focusing, I got to thinking about self care. For me, I want to take good care of myself so that I can care for my darling wonderful family. And the first thing that I want to do to facilitate that is to get in God's Word and really study what He is saying to me!


So I joined a Bible Study at my mom's church on the book of Romans. It was just an introduction today, but from what I saw, this is going to be life-changing! 


Good thing I like change!! ♥

I don't find it the least bit uncanny that the day I start doing something proactive toward caring for my spiritual life, I get onto the elliptical, too!!!


Yep, I exercised. Now, I have lost around 17.6lbs since the end of May, and all of it pretty much has to do with the food I eat (or don't eat!!). But I'm not getting any younger…

Time for some physical self-care!! I'm relying on the grace of God to get me onto that machine, for sure!!! (Romans is the best place to learn about God's grace!!! yay!!)

I cooked dinner tonight, too…what???? that's just crazy talk!!! :) 

Some days we have good days! 🙂

And some days we can't even put a block together!! Eeeeeeek!!


The block underneath my Perrier (self-care, people, self-care!! LOL!!) was a total fail for today!

Maybe you will have better luck…

Go here to Film in the Fridge's blog and check out her Starburst tutorial

So instead, I made a block from the Skill Builder Library of Pile O Fabric. I love her blog, too!!

This is the Em Dash Block.


And my points match! I was pretty slow and meticulous with this one.



Don't you just love that SHEEP duct tape????


I'm truly enjoying this process of block-making…even through the fails! Just think, I have the coolest random snack mat now!! yay!!!

What are you doing to focus this week???

Blessings from Sally's Angelworks!!!


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    Love the book of Romans 🙂 Always good to stop and think about whether we are caring for ourselves so that we can care for others better 🙂

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