{30 quilt blocks just for you!}


It's starting!! Today!! Yay!!!

I am in love with quilts, and I'd love to show you, hopefully even inspire you, with 30 different quilt blocks that I love! 

For the next 30 days, I'm going to post a quilt block a day and share from where I got the inspiration, pattern, or idea!! 

I'm only using these fabrics (plus matching solids!):


Cinderberry's Folk Tale line which you can get from Julie's store right now here: Intrepid Thread

I'm going to be a bit ordered about this, so I can bless you weekly with some fun free patterns, too. The list goes like this:

On Sundays, I will have basic block patterns (today starts with the Log Cabin block).

Mondays, patterns from books.

Tuesdays, patterns from magazines.

Wednesday, patterns from online.

Thursdays, applique or paper pieced patterns.

Fridays, FREE EMBROIDERY PATTERNS for you from me made into blocks!

Saturdays, patterns using fun rulers or tools!! 

You are going to love it. And when we are done, we will have 30 blocks we can make into several quilts or one really, really, really big quilt, or 30 different pillows!!

Ohhhhhhh the choices we have! amazing!!

Stay tuned tonight for my first block, the Log Cabin Block!! yay!!! And join in with me! You will be inspired and creative and joyful…because quilts make us happy!! yay!!!


BTW, I will have regularly scheduled posts, too, this month. Not just the blocks, so get ready for GOBS of September inspiration and hope here on the blog! 



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