{where feet may fail}


{Lil on her first day of school last Thursday}

a little bit of navel gazing while sharing some fun pics of projects in progress today…

There's a song called Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) sung by Hillsong United. It's a pretty awesome song. But what really catches me is the phrase "where feet may fail".


{ready for some handquilting practice!!}

The concept is really referencing Matt 14:28-32 where Jesus calls Peter out of the boat. And Peter does just that…he jumps out of the boat in the midst of a storm and walks toward Jesus. But he does what most of us do in that situation…he looks around, sees the wild wind and starts to sink. 


We don't want to sink…we want to have that unfailing faith. We want to be called out to Him. And we want to walk strongly toward Him.


But when we rely on ourselves, our feet fail us! When we see the wind like Peter, we get scared. 


But He catches us…He doesn't change…

When we focus on Him, those anxieties, those rough patches, those places where feet may fail become Jesus…the solid rock.

Amazing! His love is so amazing!

Watch the Hillsong United Oceans video with lyrics HERE.


I've got some fun wonderfulness coming on the blog starting September 1st…


It involves quilt blocks…


and this fabric…


Make sure you check back here daily!!

There will be free tutorials and perhaps a fun giveaway!!!

I'll leave you with this…


All quilted…time to bind!! 🙂



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