{slow down, sister!}


So, I was talking to my mom yesterday (sorry, mom, you gotta read this all over again! LOL!!) about this article I read about quilting.

{read Mary's article HERE}

Mary was talking about sending a quilt in to be photographed for a magazine. She mentioned that she's an editor herself and she knows what the criteria for a good photographed quilt is! But in this particular instance, she was in such a hurry to get the quilt to the photographers/editors, she didn't pay any attention to the detail of the quilt…

This is my life! 


{wha????? pure craziness…and yes, I did rip out this quilting!!}

I am in such a hurry to get all of the excitement in, I forget about doing all things as unto the Lord…with excellence!

We just need to slow down, take a little more time, and really learn how to do things well!! (preaching to myself here!)

This is a bit hard for me as I want to cram as much wildness and fun and creativity in as I can. But it's time to take a little more time and enjoy the excellence with which we create!!!


{if you follow me on Instagram –@sallykeller814– you've seen this!!}

Carmel really likes Nathan's quilt!! So do I!! Just the binding to finish…and I'll do that while we watch the Texans pummel the Cowboys in our annual Texas bowl tonight! Better pics to come!! 

I keep hearing the words "Slow Down, Sister!!!" and I want to live them out loudly!!! 

Want to watch??? 

Stay tuned, because even though I'm doing things a little "slower," I'm not going to sacrifice quality!! Stick around here for the month of September for lots and lots of quilting inspiration!! 


I'm not really done with August either…so stay tuned every day here!!!



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