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Every post should begin with a beautiful cupcake picture, don't you think??? well, at least every Monday post! LOL!!! {btw, be sure to read to the very end of this post! There's a fun announcement!!}

I've decided that to curb my wildness foodwise, Fridays are my semi-splurgy days! (i'll make an exception next week on Wednesday, because it's my birthday!!) And last week, my sil gave me two vouchers for 15$ each at selected restaurants in our area. Well, one of those restaurants just happened to be my favorite bakery, The Sweet Boutique! If you are local, run there and binge!! Okay, don't binge, but plan on having a gorgeous dessert sometime there! They are tasty, beautiful, and very fun!! And they have French Macarons! LOVE!!

Here's another pic of our loot…and don't worry…I tracked my sugar intake, too!


…and i only ate half of a cupcake! Worth it!!!

And it was extra worth it because of what we did this Saturday!

We turned this room…


into this:


Yep!! An exercise gym…right upstairs!!! 

the words "NO EXCUSES" come to mind!! eeeek!!

Can I tell you I hate exercise, but I'm willing to change! So I can see my grandchildren and my great-grandchildren! 

Here are some more before and after pics…



Mr Gorgeous worked from 8:30am until midnight to get it the way he wanted…after…




Here's the view from the elliptical…perfect TV view!!! (below)



see??? I can do it!!!! yay!!!


Me on the Pilates ball!!! This pic cracks me up!! 🙂 #selfiesinthegym


I don't know if you noticed, but we got rid of one of our couch peices…kind of a chaise lounge…

It went into our bedroom. Soooooo cozy! So I made a little something something to show off on it…a pillow…


Isn't it fun and cozy???

And the pillow!


My darling friend Dixie and I had planned on doing this little western quilt for this contest a while (a long while!) back…I lost my brain and totally forgot about the deadline. She recently found the stack of little things (blocks and fabrics) in her craft room and brought them to me! Aren't those little corner blocks perfect??? 


I drew out this embroidery pattern! And here's the fun announcement! I'll be sending out a link so you can download this fun pattern on Wednesday in my monthly newsletter!! Make sure you have signed up here so you get it! Super fun!!


So that's what we created this weekend…a home gym and a fun Texas pillow!! 

Today, I'm going to paint that wall in my bedroom so you can get the whole fun cozy effect (without the big blob of brown!) of my bedroom!! And I'm hoping to start quilting two quilts, too!! I only have two weeks!! eeeek!!

What are you creating today???


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