Ohhhhh we all have goals…

long term goals…

short term goals…

weekly goals…

hourly goals…okay, maybe not hourly… okay, maybe hourly!!


I've been letting myself get a little lazy about my fun weekly goals, so this week, I not only wrote my goals down (above)…

I also scheduled my creativity out so that I would actually finish what I needed to!

So this quilt…


would actually get done by Friday when I see the recipient!! eeeek!

The good news?


It's half quilted!!!

I'm learning a lot through this quilt. And that is a very good thing for my quilting future! I know it! Very soon I will share some of my learning with you…


But for now, I'm going to go quilt…and make a travel bag…and finish 4 blocks… and three pillows…and a baby quilt…and…!! 




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    Are you sure that is enough? How about writing a new song?

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