{friday finishes and what’s next…}


It's Friday!!! And we aren't just sitting around lazy-like, all snoozing on our favorite quilt!! Okay, maybe Penny is, but I'm not!! :) 

I'm in the business of finishing, as you've seen on the blog this month! yay!!!

And I'm super excited to show you my third quilt that I've finished in 2.5 weeks!! {The other two are here and here!!}


This pattern is from Amy Ellis's book, Modern Basics II and is called Modern Cross-Stitch. 🙂 I used Jeni Baker's Color Me Retro fabric (that I got from Julie over at Intrepid Thread!!).

It came out awesome!! 

For my "snowflake" quilting, I used these tear-away stencils that my friend gave me when she was cleaning out her craft room. Super fun!!!


I haven't washed it yet, but I can't wait to see it all scrunchy and fluffy after washing!! Our wash days are Sat and Sun (we have four kids…they have to do their own laundry on their own assigned day!!), so I'll post another pic after I wash it! 





Love it!!!! 

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Now, if a lot of plans make you hyperventilate, maybe just scroll through the next pics fast!! I like to list out what I'm going to do whether or not I actually finish them or not. Although, I'm getting better at finishing, huh?

These next few projects, I'm definitely going to finish!! :) 

I'm sewing along with BariJ!! Can't wait!!! I have everything I need…although the idea of piping scares me! But with her extra help (blog posts, etc!!), I'm a lot less intimidated! AND she's made the PDF pattern downloadable instantly!! Yipeeeee!! So you can join in with me! It starts this coming Monday! (Can I use any more exclamation points????)


I also joined in the big Fabric Poloroid Swap!! I'm hoping to whip out about 6 or 8 blocks to send on up to Washington to get swapped out! Yipeeeee!!! Check out Jacey's quilt here that she finished with "polaroids"!! 



I'm also participating in the ORIGINAL MUG SWAP!!! because I love mugs!! So, I have my assigned person, and tomorrow, I'm going shopping with my girlies and hope to pick up that perfect mug for my 'mug person'!! 🙂 Super fun!!! I'm pretty sure she'll get a little something something with her mug!! :) 

Here are the two quilts I have left to finish up before a week from tomorrow…



I hope to be able to add two more to the list (which would be 7 quilts in 2.5 weeks!!!). We'll see how the timing goes. Next week needs to be pretty focused on school prep! eeeeeek!! Too fast, too fast!!!


This was fall 2007…like I said…too fast!!!! 

Wow! I need to take some recent pics of my kids together!! And Cora goes back to school this Sunday! eeeeek!! Did I mention it was going too fast?????? ♥

Hope your weekend is planned out for awesomeness! Mine sure is!!

Blessings this weekend!



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