{celebrations galore!!!}


Yep, I took yesterday off here to celebrate…well, me! 🙂 It was my birthday, and sometimes we just have to stop and celebrate! and take naps! and shop! and eat…and eat, we did!!!


We picked up a Chocolate Chocolate Chip Bundt cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes to have for a our little birthday soiree…and let me tell you, it was fabulous!!! You know me…I'm a sucker for a great tasting cake! 

And I happened to decorate it myself…they did the frosting, but I did all of the sheep and the sparklers for candles! 🙂


so fun!!!

And after our little party at my brother's, we went home to find my darling oldest child with a surprise of her own…


This is this cake from Saltgrass Steakhouse:

Chocolate cake

She went and bought me a big slice and 44 candles and had it all ready for me when we got home!!



And I blew them all out in one breath!!! 🙂 And then we ate more chocolate cake!


and this was even more heaven…


All four of them together for a split second!! LOVE!!!!

Wanna see some fun sheepish gifties???


Two rolls of SHEEP duct tape!! I am soooo blessed!!!


My sister-in-law learned how to needle felt and made me this FABULOUS sheep!! Isn't he sooooo cute??? and the sheep kleenex holder? perfection!!!! from my brother and other sil!! My fam really knows me perfectly!


My mom picks out the best hats!!! Thanks, Mom!!! yes, this is my new convertible hat!! :) 


Did I mention duct tape??? Just checking!! LOL!!

The cards and washi tape are for my thank you cards. Mr Gorgeous gave me some spending money, so I went half willy nilly at Paper Source! So fun!!

And look what came in the mail yesterday:


Some fabric I had grabbed on Instagram! EiEiO from Dear Stella…oh my goodness, not only are the sheep soooo adorable, but look at the little pink piggies!!! 🙂

and speaking of fabric…


I picked up some more blue Pearl Bracelets to go with these other fabrics for Cora's Petal Panache Pillow! 🙂


And I picked these Tula Pink Salt Water fabrics for an extra special project that I'm doing FOR YOU!!! 🙂 So stay tuned! Don't miss a post! yay!


And I've decided to drink the Kool-Aid again!!! and make a scrappy-trip-along quilt!!!

But I'm not allowed to start until next week…gotta finish some stuff here!! 😉

Stay tuned for some awesome finishes tomorrow!!! I am so grateful for all the blessings that are swarming me right now!! And I'm grateful for you, my bloggy friends!!



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