{thursday progress}


Thursday is such a happy day, don't you think? One more day until Friday, nothing really goes on on Thursday nights (right now anyway!), so I can sew the whole evening, and we usually do fun friend things on Thursday!! 

Today is no different, so I need to make this quick! We have swimming buddies coming over soon!!

I just wanted to show things are coming along…albeit slowly…but they are progressing!!


another sneaky peek of tomorrow's free embroidery pattern!! I've paired it with Bonnie Christine's Reminesce fabric! yum!!!


And I got another package from Julie over at Intrepid Thread!! Can you guess what I got?

Make sure you are signed up for her newsletter for a FREE tutorial from me this month!!


I also got some white Moda Bella Solid to finish out this little pillow top I'm doing!! Love white!!! 🙂

Here's a project I found on Etsy…a slide lamp shade (see an example here). My mom has a big box of slides, so I pilfered some landscape slides from her family's many travels to Colorado. We had been to Ikea recently where I picked up this lamp…perfect for this project!! (and 5$!!!).



Isn't that slide awesome??? I'll be making that later next week!! 🙂 I have two quilts and some blocks to finish this weekend first!!


I got this fabric at QuiltCon from the Remnants booth. My daughter's boyfriend has claimed it for a MacBook Air case!! Now to get the right high density foam to finish it out!! 🙂 Should be awesome!!!


Juicing Update:


Yesterday (Wednesday – day 3), I got my energy back!!! But I was a little short tempered. I had a hard time controlling it, so I hid in my craft room for most of the day! LOL!! I think it's the fruit. Too much sugar (even fructose) makes me kinda angry. So I'm watching myself today!!  

I also went to bed with a minor sore throat and runny nose, and I woke up today with a cold. Not great, but I can see where my immune system is working through all of the toxins. Hopefully, today's batch of goodies will knock it out!! It could have been the weather with the high humidity and me driving the convertible! lol!!! 

That's the bad news! The good news is that our food has been delicious!! (except I'm not a big fan of Spirulina…I'll have to work through that.) This morning's smoothie has muesli in it. Super yummmy!!! We'll see how energy-wise I do. Mr Gorgeous had his true detox day yesterday. Hopefully he'll feel better today! 

BTW, we also did this this week:


got a new fridge!!!


much more room and better quality room for veggies!!


They'll stay fresher longer!! yum!!!


And it has this little front compartment so you don't have to open the whole fridge to get your drinks!!

Super cool!!!

What is new in your life this week???




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