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This week on the chalkboard…

So we've been doing a little deco work on the house. We need change to keep things fresh in our immediate surroundings!! 


We moved furniture and added more instruments to the wall!! And we put up Little Horns Long Horns…a tribute to our Texas heritage…more about that next week!!


In the kitchen, I changed up the shutter decorations including the mini chalkboard!!

But we liked having a chalkboard there so much, we spraypainted the wall under the counter with chalkboard paint! 


We've conditioned it, but we haven't had the time to do a fancy design there. Actually, I haven't decided if I want to do a menu, activity calendar or just fancy scripture. What do you think???

and for #throwbackthursday…

{boy, we were young once!!}

Last weekend, I asked Mr Gorgeous to build me a table for the laundry room so I could just fold my laundry out of the dryer and we'd have a clean couch!! He loved the idea, but he wasn't sure if he'd have time anytime soon to figure it all out. So I sent him two Pinterest links (this one and this one) showing him kind of what I was thinking!!

He got so excited about the fact that we already had the materials that he whipped it up before and after Cora's soiree!!





Besides folding on it, I wanted a sturdy surface to put a decorative dispenser for our laundry detergent… (also found on Pinterest if I'm remembering correctly!!)


It pours slowly, but I think we all need a little more patience in our lives!! ♥

Aren't you wondering what's going to be on the chalkboard next week???

…I am!!


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