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Crafting, crafting!! I'm working on getting back into creating daily, but it's super hard when your kids ask you to join them at the mall or pinterest calls your name, etc!! LOL!! 

But I rarely can spend a day without creating a little bit…and yesterday was no different!!


Last week I showed you my chalkboard and shutter in my kitchen. Well, this week, I noticed that the picture section would be perfect for a prayer board! We have a number of missionaries we are praying for and other people in our lives that need prayers, too!! What a perfect place to post pictures…a place that we walk by frequently and see even more often! 

So I got this fun idea of making a little bitty bunting that says PRAY!! What do you think???


If you are signed up to get Julie's newsletter, you will get the free tutorial for how to make this sweet little mini bunting! You can get all of the fabrics I used, too, from her shop!!

Here's a tip on making buntings: 


When you are deciding how long you want to make your bunting, measure the space where you are going to mount it.


Add 2 inches to your measurement and that is your length for your bunting!


Super fun!!!

Are you ready for a few other projects??


I have decided to quilt this quilt entirely by hand! And to help me, I went ahead and signed up for a class on Craftsy, Hand-Quilting! I'm super excited about learning how to do this even better!

But one of the things I wanted to inspire you about is to not wait until you know everything before you get started!! I will learn better about hand quilting while I hand quilt! It'll be fun to see how my quilt improves as I go. 


Speaking of handwork, I've got fun hand projects that I take with me everywhere…like these fun hexies! super awesome!

We'll see how what comes out of it…

This week's other goal, besides my hand quilted quilt, is to finish my July 4×6 bee blocks!! Those shall be fun. I've already picked my pattern, so it's just a matter of doing them. 

What is on your goal list this week??

Many blessings to you today!!


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