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Ohhhhhhh yes!! Vacations (even mini ones) are so wonderful to break the monotony of the every day!! As you read yesterday, we went to the Texas Hill Country last weekend!

We found a wonderful restaurant that we visited two nights in a row…well, when you find what you like, you enjoy it!!!


The restaurant was on Cibolo Creek in Boerne, Tx and was appropriately called The Creek!! Super great service, wonderful food, and a beautiful setting!!


Mr Gorgeous had the redfish…yum!! (although I've never eaten redfish because I don't eat seafood…I'm a little strange like that!)




The water gardens there were beautiful, too!! And the Koi seemed to enjoy it, too!!

Saturday, we went and explored Fredricksburg in the morning. One of our destinations was the Nimitz Pacific WW2 Museum in downtown Fredricksburg. 


Remember Mr Gorgeous's grandfather's pic that I shared yesterday? (here's another…)


Papa Tom with my mother-in-law and her younger brother, Uncle Gary!

Papa Tom served in the Pacific during WWII and was captured in the Phillipines and even marched in the Bataan Death March. So,it was super awesome to go through this amazing museum and learn a whole heck of a lot more about the whole Pacific war theater during that time!!


Here Emma is standing next to a Japanese sub that was beached and captured at Pearl Harbor during the attack!!!

If you have some time, be sure and visit this museum! It is worth every moment and penny!!

After we visited the museum, we found a great restaurant right there on the main street of Fredricksburg…




We were amazed that we could sit outside in the middle of July in Texas and eat lunch!






Quent wasn't really drinking! Well, he was drinking root beer…LOL!!! Those Keller men! 

So afterwards we shopped a little, but we didn't really find any antique stores at the main part of downtown Fredricksburg, so we drove back to Boerne. 

We hit about 4 antique stores before they all closed at 5!! Boy, we forget how quickly small towns shut down on the weekend!! 

My whole impetus for going to antique stores is first to find antique quilts. Lately, I've seen a bunch of quilt tops!! I'm often tempted to buy those unfinished tops, but the memory of drawers full of unfinished objects keep me from spending Mr Gorgeous's money!! 🙂

This time, I found the perfect antique quilt to add to my collection. 


I love this quilt for mainly two reasons… well, okay – three!!

1. the handquilting is perfectly not perfect!!


oh my gosh, this is so inspiring!!! (maybe it shouldn't be, but it is for me!!!)

Especially since I was handquilting all the way to San Antonio…


This is what I was handquilting…the back of it, anyway!!

But back to the antique quilt…


2. I am a very visual learner…so this block pattern is a perfect launching point for my next modern quilt. I have a bunch of ideas on how to incorporate different fabrics in it! Loving the basket block!!


3. Of course, I love red!! Red is one of my very fave quilting/fabric colors!!

So this quilt is perfect for me!! And for snuggling under on my couch. Because we believe here at the Kellers that quilts should be used. Yay!!


(the girlies at the Hanging Tree Chuck Wagon!!)

Thanks for letting me share about our mini vacation!! 

Ohhhh I forgot the best part…

the mailbox had this when I got home:


Julie had a sale…I partook!!!

What are you joining this week????



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