{just do it!!}


Ohhhhh Joy!!!!

I'm in a happy mood…and when I'm happy, I need to finish stuff!! Know what I mean???

So here's a post for me, so I'll remember my list of "need to finish" things…you can peek in!

btw, I used some Paint the Moon actions on my pics to add a little fun to the post! 🙂


Here's a giftie quilt that I started quilting, but my machine started dropping zigzag stitches…I'm still trying to figure it all out. Does your machine drop stitches? I think if I make the stitch a little wider, I'll be okay…we'll see!! Any advice is appreciated!!


my handquilted quilt…I'm still vacillating on whether or not I want to hand quilt the borders or not…


My Thanksgiving quilt from last November…it's ready to be quilted for sure!!


I love this white space cross quilt using Color Me Retro!! Yep, this shouldn't take too long!!


The big one! Nathan's birthday quilt!! Cora told me how to quilt it…stippling all over…so I'm good to go!!!

That's five quilts…

Think I could finish all of these in the next two and a half weeks??? I think I can!!


Now if I can just get this all back to order again!!! I'm moving my craft studio around AGAIN!! I need more natural light so my tutorial pics are better quality!! (and my blog pics!!)

It's fun to up the game a little…

Here's my goal…quilt these 5 quilts in two and a half weeks so that I can show them at the next Houston Modern Quilt Guild meeting!! 

Ohhhh it feels good to have a tangible goal! ♥♥♥

What is your big goal for the next few weeks???



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