{happy monday!!! just a little color post for you!}


Welcome to your fresh start!! Yep, it's Monday!!

It's like a new empty sketch pad and a #2 pencil!! What you draw on your sketch pad is your choice!!!! My page is going to be filled with decorating fun. We have a tea party scheduled here tonight, so I'm off to put some finishing touches on our house! (post to come!! weeeeeee!!!)

Here's what I finished up this weekend!

I'm involved with a 4×6 block swap with 5 other HMQG girlies! For four months, we will be swapping blocks based on color. We get to pick our own block pattern and size, and then we make 6 of them in the color palette that each of us choose for ourselves. 

Here's my first block pattern that I picked:


It's called the Woven Star Block from Pile O'Fabric's awesome blog!!

The one above is in my color scheme! Teal, red, and white…sigh!! My fave!!

Here are the other 5…


For Becky…


For Paula…


For Karri…


For Rebecca…


For Anna (I showed you this already!! Love!!)…

Aren't these super fun????

So my July blocks are already in the making!!


Okay…I'm off to hang some decorations…(get ready for a fun bunting tutorial!!)

BTW, what are you drawing on your blank sketch pad today?




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