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Ohhhhh it's been a busy weekend and week for me here at the Keller Casita!! ♥

Last Saturday, this one…


{the oldest} turned 19!!! 

She put together a sweet little soiree for her family to enjoy!

First, I did a digital invite for her using some of Bonnie Christine's fun free design goodies that I get weekly because I'm part of her Roost Tribe! I loved these teepee graphics!! Perfect for an outside soiree!


Here are some shots (taken by me, my mom, and our darling friend Dixie!) from the soiree…






IMG_1312 (1)

IMG_1313 (1)


Yep, she made it all the way to 19!!! (I was 5 when I had her…just sayin'…) So proud of this one!! (yep, Mr Gorgeous is conducting us in singing Happy Birthday…only at the Kellers!!)

So, I wanted to share with you a couple of quick soiree tips that we did for Cora's party…

Photo (34)

The lights were mounted on bamboo poles from our own bamboo garden!!! (Haven't seen the garden yet? Go check out my Instagram feed! I have a bunch of pics from my backyard oasis!! – @sallykeller814) Cora nailed nails on the top sides of the poles and then wrapped the lights around them after hammering the poles into the ground. Instant light beauty!!


We have a bunch of small Ball mason jars that we got for her graduation party last year, and we wanted to use them for her party. Cora said she didn't know how people were going to know whose glass was whose! So I came up with a solution…

Photo (36)

A small strip of fabric with a little punched tag with handwritten names on them!

Photo (37)

Photo (35)

A fun easy quick project!! 

Happy Birthday, Cora!!



Sneaky Peek of my up and coming project using Paloma from Dear Stella!! (Yep, got it from Julie over at Intrepid Thread!! Go grab some quickly before it all runs out!!)

What are you celebrating today???

I'm celebrating my family and my many, many blessings!

And I'm praying many blessings on you this week, too!!



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