{a weekend of relaxing…}

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And it's Monday!!! Let's celebrate!!!

But before we get too wild, let me share my calm weekend with ya…

Saturday was a relaxing day with a little shopping, a little chillin' by the pool and a little cooking!


 Every good Saturday of errands should start with an iced latte!! I happen to like mine nonfat so that it's only 2 WW points plus points! 🙂

After shopping (and buying Kona solids for our HMQG swap in a few weeks), we came home and started our in home chores. 

My kitchen was pretty clean, so I spruced up the chalkboard wall with this art:


Love this scripture!! 


In the afternoon, we went outside to hang in and around the pool!! Some of us were working…some of us were swimming…and some of us were lounging with a good book like this one my mom loaned me!

Yes, I did get into the pool and I did use sunscreen! :) 

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In the evening I was planning on playing in this sketchbook, but that didn't happen until Sunday afternoon…and boy, there is some fun new stuff on the horizon. I'm not going to spill the beans yet, but can you say Embroidery Excitement?? Love that sketch pad!!

We did watch some movies this weekend…

Pitch Perfect (A CaWhat??? not really kid friendly – college life in the world is a little different than how I remember it, but the music is really fun!!!), Jack the Giant Slayer (awesome retelling of the story…a little gross, but fun fantasy), and I watched Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead (my fave of the weekend!!! If you are at all interested in healthy food choices or a Biggest Loser fan, watch it!! It's awesome!!!). 


And Sunday?? More of the same!! Sketching, shopping (not buying), celebrating my mom's retirement at her work church (pics to come!!), and watching Amazon Prime movies and Hulu shows! (I know who won Hell's Kitchen…just sayin'…)

That's it…not really exciting, but not boring…

btw, I saw this pin on Pinterest that said this:

  Bored?68 Mostly Free Ways to Entertain Yourself at Home

I was like, really? People are bored? How can people be bored? There is so much to do!! Even trolling Pinterest!! That can take up half of your day…oooops…outloud voice!! Now you know what I really did this weekend! 

Hope your weekend was full of joy, relaxation and fun…because I know your week is going to be equally as inspiring! Now, we're off to the beach…



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