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So, I had this little brainstorm! Why don't I actually write down what I need to get done so I'll actually do it instead of trying to start 10 new projects???? (That is one of my fave things to do…start new projects! can you tell???)

Thus, the little cute chalkboard above!! (yes, that is a sheep pin thanks to my sweet friend, Colleen!)


#1 on my list is a dress that I'm making (for my gig on Saturday) using a fun pattern I picked up at quiltmarket from Sew Serendipity: the Juliet Nouveau dress! So far, I'm really loving the easiness of the pattern. She does a great job illustrating how to do things!


And the fabric I'm using is Novella Rayon by Valori Wells. I picked this fabric up at a fun quilt shop in Spokane, WA when I was there a few weeks ago, the Top Stitch!!




While we were in the shop, I met the owner, Carrie. She's a delightful lady with gobs of fun fabric knowledge and excitement for the modern quilting movement. She also had a lot of great info about garment sewing! We bonded over the fact that we all had just been to quilt market!!

If you are in the Spokane area, definitely stop by this sweet little shop! You will not be disappointed!!


Here's where my dress is right now…I thought I had a zipper, but alas, time to run up to the megazipper store (aka JoAnn Fabrics)…Must go!



BTW, if you want to see my craft studio featured, follow the Houston Modern Quilt Guild's blog!! It'll be soon!! You will probably see some sheep…for sure!!!

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