{personal loss and surrender}


Do you ever just see a plate full of brownie bites and want to eat every single one of them???

My first fix is to not put them on one plate!! LOL!!!

My second fix is to use this awesome Weight Watchers recipe that I used…use 1/2 c. applesauce instead of oil…and egg whites instead of whole eggs. 

But they still cost…Each brownie bite is 2 WW points plus value. 

Wait…Am I saying that I'm doing Weight Watchers??? yes, yes I am…


But don't worry…this blog isn't going to become me telling you all of my jouney with Weight Watchers. I may mention it from time to time, because it is part of my overall journey in life right now! But no, this blog is more about crafting and being an artist.

I only mention WW now because I've been struggling with what part of me is struggling! LOL!! What qualities of me are keeping me from being the healthy artist that I need to be?

Do you ever ask yourself this question???

We had a ladies meeting last Sunday night that was life changing for me!! Our pastor's wife, Pat talked about the grace of the Lord and how He is pouring it all over us!!! That very grace that He offers us, that all we have to do is receive it, that is the life changing part!! That grace is what changes our struggling part to our victorious part…it changes our mountains to roads we can keep moving through…and on and on.

BUT…we have to surrender to that grace!!!


This was my life changing moment…we were challenged to find one of our challenges in life and write it down and then start praying to God about it…being honest about it with God, pray scriptures into the situation, etc.

Now, I have challenges. I don't really post about them, because, well, you don't want to hear my challenges!! LOL!! Again, this is a blog about crafting and artistry. (then why are you going on about this, Sally??? LOL!! It's all about authenticity, right??) Anyway, I do have challenges…but I'm feeling like I have a root issue that contributes to my challenges.

Here's where my revelation came…

The grace of God doesn't manifest itself in us sitting down thinking about what is wrong with ourselves!!! We surrender to Him, we believe in Him and His grace, and He leads us in the way we should go!!! 


So this is the cry of my heart…in every challenging (and not so challenging) situation: I will pray to you, O Lord in the morning…You'll hear my voice…and I will EAGERLY watch and listen for your answer!!! Because You will answer!!! 

Isn't that life changing????

It is a daily thing!! Every morning is new, fresh…without blemish! And then I'm gonna mess up or I'm going to do it right! LOL!! Either way, His grace is over me!! 

So, back to WW. I knew I needed accountability for weight loss. And this works for me. As a matter of fact, as of yesterday, I've lost 9.2lbs in 4 weeks!! yipeeee!! 

Even better though, I've found that His grace is going to carry me through all of the cravings for every candy bar known to man, and through all of the heartbreak we go through, too!! 


btw, I reached my first goal which meant I got to buy a new pair of shoes…I am soooo loving these!!! 


I hope this has given you hope today!! 

Be encouraged and blessed!!!

And guess what? Coffee with fat-free half&half is 0 points!! yep…this is how I'm losing weight!!! LOL!!!



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