{…just do it!!}


Are you a Pinterest Pinner???

or a Pinterest Doer????

I am a self-proclaimed Pinterest

I have several projects that I've
done from Pinterest! You've seen them!!

But, over the next month I'm going
to share some of my pins that I love to just look at right now!! I may recreate
them, too…for sure!!

Today, all of my pins are from my
Style board



{pin found here}

Um, banners? vintage typewriters and cameras, and books??? yes!!!!



{pin found here}

I love this idea of marking where you've been!!!


{Pin found here}

Everything here makes me want to get to crafting right now!!!!!


{pin found here}

Red is my new found love!! and mixed with teal??? Pure heaven!!!

Ohhhhh I wish I could show you every single pin in all of my boards!!! They pretty much make me swoon!

And that's what I use Pinterest for…to be inspired, to get information, and to launch myself into the great crafting unknown!!! 

Are you a Pinterest doer??? Join me in doing!! Don't just pin willy nilly!!! You know who you are!!!! Go back and look at those pins you pinned!!! 

…and get to crafting!!! I've scheduled some crafting time tonight! It's going to be heaven…and it's going to include RED!!! ♥♥♥



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