{God is good…}

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Ohhhhhhh God is so good!!! 

Today,  we spent the day getting all of those last minute things you need before you go on a trip getting Quentin all ready to go to Africa!

Why are we letting our only begotten son go halfway around the globe into another hemisphere for three weeks???

Because we believe…

…we believe that God's grace is amazing!

…we believe that God's love is abounding!

…and we believe that God's wonderful saving news needs to be spread to everyone who comes in contact with us!! This trip extends our family's reach to people with whom we otherwise wouldn't come into contact!

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I am super proud of my kids and their evangelistic hearts!! Quentin's fundraising has been an amazing journey of faith and wonder for me, just as Cora's was last year. We have gone into these mission trips with the belief that if God wanted these kids to join in with Global Expeditions (GE), He would make it happen! 

Amazingly enough, He has!! Quentin raised over $5300! And he didn't just sit around and wait for people to randomly give money. He put letters together himself (with the help of GE), held his own bake sale, worked with his sister to sell t-shirts, and he talked to people, especially at our church, about his passion for Zambia!!

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We are not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ…His love and grace covers us and our sins, and in response to His great Love and Grace, we glorify Him!!! We praise Him!! and we love Him!!

Did you know that He loves you, too??

He covers you, too!!!

And He rejoices over you with singing!!!


{Zephaniah 3:17}

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