{Final Day of celebrating!!! Grand Prize revealed!!}



I just want to thank you, my darling readers, for celebrating this fun third birthday with me!!!

It's been super fun, fun, fun!!!

Before I reveal my grand prize items, let's talk about things we love!!


You know I love sheep…

If you didn't, you do now! LOL!!!

Why do I love sheep???

Check out this post here to answer that question!!


My fam…I sure love my family!!! 

Read all about them here!!


I love music…

a lot!!!

Our band, Brazos River Turnaround is in the midst of recording our second full album!! Check us out on iTunes to hear!!!


I love Fabric!!!!! I'm betting you do, too!!!


How could you not love fabric????



Um. yeah…I love fabric!!! ♥


Quilting!!! I love quilting, too!! 

This block is the Woven Star Block from PileOFabric's web site! She has awesome patterns and triangle explanations on this tutorial!!  I made this block for my friend, Anna. I am loving the boldness of this block and the different fabrics I used. The essence of quilting – cutting fabric up into little pieces and then sewing it all back together in a different pattern – is super therapeutic for me. It doesn't sound very calming, but for some, it totally is peaceful! And we are all different, right? and that's okay!!!

So I love sneaky peeks, too!!!


ohhhhhhh sneaky!!!

So, go and sign up for Miss Julie's newsletter so you can get the tutorial to make the finished project, too when she sends her next newsletter!!! (hint: it's going to be soon!! :))

…so are you ready?????

GRAND PRIZE revealed:

First of all, 


you get a $10gc to the Intrepid Thread


goodies from me!!!


Simply Color charm pack


Spool of Aurifil thread


fun random buttons


and a handmade camera strap cover!! (great gift for your fave photographer!!)

and one more giftie…BUT…



I will reveal the mystery handmade giftie when I announce the winners Monday morning!!!

So how do you win???

Every comment you've left on the blog all week enters you into the random drawing! 

Along with today's comments, you have a bunch of chances to win!! yipeee!!
Today, I will give you five chances:

1. Comment here on this post!! Tell me what you love today!!

2. Follow the blog on BLOGLOVIN!

3. Follow Sally's Angelworks on Facebook!!

4. Follow me on Instagram!!

5. Follow me on Twitter!! 

Can't wait to here from you!!!
And don't forget, if you received my newsletter at the beginning of the week, there was a coupon code for THE SHOP!! Grab a giftie for some one you love!! Grab a quilt just for you to snuggle with!!

but most importantly, BE INSPIRED!!!

Blessings upon blessings!!


{the first birthday logo garland graphic designed by Bonnie Christine at Going Home to Roost!!}

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    We already liked you on FB as Margaret
    alternate email mlwright29(at)hotmail(dot)com.

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    We already follow you with bloglovin’ as Marcia W.
    alternate email mlwright29(at)hotmail(dot)com.

  3. Reply

    We have haunted your birthday blog this week, albeit confused about when and where to leave comments. Because, we really like your blog and reading about those cute projects and your family. The giveaways are wonderful too.
    alternate email mlwright29(at)hotmail(dot)com

  4. Reply

    I follow you on Facebook!

  5. Reply

    Happy anniversary!!

    I’m loving just feeling so blessed today. Thanks for being a part of that!

  6. Reply

    I love having my youngest granddaughter with me this week. 🙂

  7. Reply

    I already follow your blog via Bloglovin.

  8. Reply

    I like you on Facebook,too. Thanks for the fun this week.

  9. Reply

    You love sheep, I love elephants and collect anything I can find with elephants on 🙂 Thanks for a fun week – and for the encouragement you provide 🙂

  10. Reply

    I follow you on Bloglovin

  11. Reply

    I follow on FB (Deborah Gunthorpe)

  12. Reply

    I love that my son put his washing away without complaining and that he enjoyed an overnighter with Scouts.

  13. Reply

    I follow your blog on Bloglovin

  14. Reply

    I follow you on Facebook

  15. Reply

    I love Today…that our Daughter in NC, came up (to Ohio) this weekend…to attend our Grangirlie’s High School Graduation Party!!! We had such a Special & Grrrreat time & visit with her…and rest of our Crew being all together!!! Am Soooo Blessed!!!

  16. Reply


    Am a Follower thru Bloglovin’. Don’t do the FB, Twitter, Instagram stuff….so Thank You for givin’ us a chance to win thru regular Comment, and Following your blog. Appreciated very much! 🙂

  17. Reply

    Love the surprise factor on this little giveaway!!

  18. Reply

    Happy Birthday! I love my hubby <3

  19. Reply

    Today I’m loving homegrown tomatoes! But I love fabric, too!

  20. Reply

    I follow you on bloglovin.

  21. Reply

    Today I am loving the time I spent reading the blog of a dear friend who, although miles away, has been taking part in the same QAL and embarking on the same quilting adventures as I–unbeknownst to me until now. Isn’t life funny?

  22. Reply

    I am following you on Bloglovin.

  23. Reply

    Thanks Sally!
    Today I’m loving having a full house again as all my children are home from uni for the summer!

  24. Reply

    I’m following you on bloglovin’

  25. Reply

    Today, and every day I am very much in love with my amazing husband. He spoils me daily.

    I hope you’ve had a wonderful birthday.

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    I am already following you on Bloglovin

    I searched to double check that I was (and I already was)however, and it found two blogs for you. Do you have a second one we need to follow also?

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    I have previously liked you on Facebook as well.

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    I still like you on Facebook!

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    I already follow your lovely blog on Bloglovin.

  30. Reply

    Happy birthday/anniversary. I hope you have had a happy week too.

  31. Reply

    Today I’m loving that it’s Sunday, that there’s family time, that there’s time for me to get some sewing done, time for so much more including catching up on my blog reading. Happy birthday, it’s been a great week here.

  32. Reply

    I follow your blog via Bloglovin

  33. Reply

    Very fun giveaway! Love reading your blog.

  34. Reply

    Well of course I love fabric and all things quilty, but today I also love new blooms on my Gerber Daisies. They are so gorgeous and colorful that I’ve been taking photos of them. At the end of the season I’ll pick the best photos to make notecards. I’ve enjoyed reading your birthday posts, they have all made me smile. Thanks for the chance at this lovely prize!

  35. Reply

    Happy blog birthday! Today I love my babies’ cute cheekies. 😀

  36. Reply

    I love fabric and quilting.

  37. Reply

    I follow on Bloglovin

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    I follow on Instagram

  39. Reply

    Happy Birthday and hope you have enjoyed your week. I’m alittle late to the party, hehe. I’m loving that we had cool weather today! It was just 94 a few days ago and today was alot nicer.

    Thank you and Julie for a super giveaway and a chance to win.


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    I’m a follower on BlogLovin.

    Thanks again for a chance to win.


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    I follow you on FB.

    Thank you and The Intrepid Thread for a super giveaway and a chance to win.


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    I’m a follower on Twitter.

    Thank you and Julie for a super giveaway and a chance to win.


  43. Reply

    I am new to your blog and loving it! thank you! I am happy today that I got to visit with all three of my kids this weekend!

  44. Reply

    I am following you now on Bloglovn Thanks!!

  45. Reply

    been on FB with ya

  46. Reply

    Been on Blov too

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