{wow! you have your hands full!!}


Hi…my name is Sally…

…and I have four kids!

Yep, it's true!! Four…

Photo (9)

Aren't they the cutest?????

When someone asks, what do you do? My first response usually is that I'm a homeschooling mom! (sometimes I say I'm a big starlet on Broadway…what? you didn't see my big show??? LOL!!)


(I love that I take a bunch of pics of the four of them together!!!)

I always think about how people would be so dumbfounded when they saw me with all of my kids!! Like four was an obscene number to keep track of…well, maybe it could have been, but I have awesome kids!!



I tell you, I'd be rich if I had a nickel for everytime someone said. "wow! You have your hands full!!!" Honestly, there have only been a few times where I really felt like I had my hands full…Or maybe I just remember it all much easier than it actually was!! LOL!!


This past weekend, I spent the weekend with a bunch of FABULOUS quilters and I couldn't help but fall into the conversation of raising kids (more than once, for sure!!!). And as I pondered it all and we pontificated outloud about it, we came to the conclusion that there was no greater calling than raising children!!!


gotta love these crazy ones!!!

If you are more curious about our choice to homeschool, pop on over to our Homeschooling Page here on the blog!!

And stay with me…I'm still blogging everyday this month!!

many blessings!!!

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