{the best days are…}

Yes!!! The best days are HERE!!!!
This is just a quick reminder that we need to NOT wish our lives away…
We need to NOT always think that there's always something better on the other side of the fence…
We need to NOT think that yesteryear was soooo much better…
We need to embrace NOW…and do it with HOPE for tomorrow!! 
{my sweetie pie grandniece, Selah…}
I overheard a couple talking at a concert where my daughter was performing with her choir. We were at a retirement home…a nice one! This couple was talking about when they wanted to leave the concert, and then the older choir (the one my sweetie was in) walked in. The sweet little lady turned to the gentleman and said, "These are the best days of their lives!!"
I just wanted to turn around and tell them what I'm going to tell you:
"RIGHT NOW is the best time of your life, too!!"
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If you are going through a hard time right now, count it all joy!! These hard times make the really great times sparkle even more! And if you are thinking about how things were so much better in high school, just stop! LOL!!! It's not true…the reason we think that way is because God gives us selective memories…it's part of His grace over us! 
I just came home from a fantastic trip up to the Pacific Northwest, and my sister and I had such a marvelous time together. And I have been cherishing every moment!!! She is such a dear one in my life!!
And now…it's back to work. And I'm excited…
…because these are the best days of my life right now!!

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