{spring quiltmarket wildness…finishing well!!!}


Things I learned at Spring Quiltmarket!!!!

1. All quilting is basically amazing!!


{my friend, Sasha's bag in the Riley Blake booth!!}

2. Samples really do inspire!!!


{Tamara Kate's booth}

3. Bowties are still trending! yep, we're cool!!!


4. It is always fun to stand in line, especially when there is a free signed book at the end!! (and a happy inspiring designer/author to meet, too!!)


{Anna Maria Horner's Free Spirit space}

5. Feathers, too, are still trending!! Love, love, love!!


{Heather Bailey's booth}

6. Yep, when in Portland(ia), always put a bird on it!!


7. Cute awnings always suck me in!!!


…as do pompoms!


{plumcute designs}

…as do awesomely designed Christmas tree quilts!!!


8. Tiffany didn't have all the fun!! I AM QUILTGIRL!!!!


9. Fun dress patterns are always at Serendipity Studios!


10. When in Portland, get a tattoo…but make it the cool, non-painful kind that you can take off with your loofah!! 🙂


11. Lace Baskets are the perfect display tools!! beautiful!


{Violet Craft's booth}

12. Purple can be magical! (okay, I like the coral and teal better, but it's still very, very pretty!!!


Ohhhhhhh I just love this….I didn't learn anything!! Except that maybe I want to make this! seriously!!!

{yes, yes I am standing with Tim Holtz!!! :)}

13. and lastly, always, always find a big scrapbooking star to stand with and get your pic made with him!!

I had such a wonderful time at QuiltMarket and I hope you enjoyed my wild postings here about it! We saw soooo much more than I showed, but I was a bit busy looking and partying to take pics. Plus (and I hate excuses, but…) I left my good camera at home. So most of my pics are with my iPhone. And I thank my darling sister for the use of her camera and her pics that she took!! 🙂

What a fun weekend!!!


Parting shot of loot…

bye, QM!! See you in Houston in the fall!!! yay!!!!

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