{pin basting…my nemesis!!}


One of the fun things about life is learning how to deal with the parts that you don't like so much. This year (2013) I am determined to embrace every moment that I'm doing dishes!! And it's working! I intentionally think good thoughts, remember that dishes are a symbol of my gorgeous family, and then give thanks for them and for the dishes! I also have instigated several fun things to my dish-doing to boost my attitude! But that's another blog post!! I promise!!

IMG_8750 copy

Another challenge for me that I'm still working on (attitude-wise) is pin basting my quilts. Basting is the part where you put your quilt sandwich together and use pins (or spray) to keep all three layers together while you quilt your quilt.  I've tried spray basting, which I like for smaller quilts (fat quarter sized), but it's not strong enough or smooth enough for bigger quilts for me.


I've tried pin basting on my kitchen table…it's just not big enough…


So I chose my dining room floor…it's just large enough for a king size quilt and it's wood laminate…perfect solid surface!


and sometimes I'm gonna need help…

This weekend I'm at our Houston Modern Quilt Guild annual retreat, and my main goal is to get 5 quilt tops pin basted!! I'll let you know how I do on Monday!!! eeeek! I'm excited!! Finishes are so wonderful, aren't they???

What mountains are you changing your attitude about today???


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    Sally, you are ju8st amazing. Have fun, take care going but have that abandonment with your projects that are fueled by your enthusiasm. Love you.

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    You are amazing and inspire me more than you can imagine! Have a wonderful retreat and then come visit me and the pacas!

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    I hate basting, too. I want a longarm so I don’t have to do it any more! LOL.

    I love doing dishes. I find it very zen for some reason!

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    Thanks, Mom!!! Love you!!!

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    Thanks, Bev!!! Sorry I missed dropping by to see the Pacas when I was on 36, but I thought of you!! hugs!!

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    I’m getting there with the dishes, Steph!! Hope I get to zen soon!!! yay!!

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