{how’s your stash?? or should I say ‘stache???}


Yes!!! I love fabric! You guys all know this!!!

And I loved being immersed in it at Quiltmarket…

But let me tell you about before market…

I made some fun gifts…

…because I love my friends more than the fabric!!!


For my darling friend Donna, I made this little mug rug/snack mat (depending on how big your snack is!!)…


Hexies and the embroidered word Peace…perfect!! 🙂


For my sweetie friend Brooke, I took the disappearing 9 patch block and made a cute little snack mat out of it. 


It wouldn't be made by me without some embroidery…


So my awesome friend Julie has a new brick and mortar shop, the Intrepid Thread in Milpitas, CA. If you are close to there, GO and buy everything!! 🙂

I figured her customers probably don't need too much encouragement to buy fabric, but just in case they do…I made this!! 🙂

So, I also made my wonderful sister a gift with a little story behind it:


My sister and I found out on this trip that we really love most of the same fabrics!! This really made me happy since I had made her this fun pillow out of some of my fave fabrics!! 🙂


But there's more…

Brooke actually pieced together the front of this pillow (the strips of Walk in the Woods, by Aneela Hoey). I added the embroidery and quilted it and put a fun back on it!!


There's even more…

So almost two years ago, my niece got married! (My sister's daughter) At her wedding, I met a very close friend of my sister, Maggie. Maggie and Tiffany had homeschooled their kids together for years and were very close friends. 

This past September, Maggie passed away from breast cancer. And while she was gracefully battling this disease, she had a fb post that really resonated with me! The quote that really stuck with me was "The nearness of God is my good."

That is so true whether we are battling cancer or an unruly child or just a bad day. He is always near us!!! He is amazing, and His love is neverending!!! and He'll never leave us comfortless…never!!!

What better tribute for my sister than a great reminder of the wise words of a dear friend!


I hope these projects and words have inspired you to have hope and remember to pull close to Him…even if your day is perfect!!!

BTW, when I got back home and into my craft studio…I found this…


I love my kids!!!!




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