{how embarrassing!!!!}


{Pinterest pic found here}

So here's a confession…

…I might just have confessed this before!!

I'm a bit addicted to sugar!!!

It's embarrassing!!

{Pinterest pin found here}

Ohhhhhh it is getting me in trouble as far as my waistband is concerned…

BUT…I'm excited to say that my first step has been accomplished…

…admitting I have a problem!! LOL!!

So…my next step? Start researching nutrition!! and slowly implementing healthy replacements for my sugar addiction!! eeeeeek!!

I'm not deleting my "Sweetie Sweets" Pinterest board!! (You can peek here!!)

AND I'm finding new fun clothes patterns to sew – patterns that don't have anything to do with a sweetie sweet middle! LOL!! 


and really awesome fabric to boot!!!!


Ohhhhh these elephants from Amanda's Madhuri are the best best best ever!!! (and the orange Bindi fabric will look PERFECT on me!!!) 🙂 The green fabric is Amy Butler's Cameo Voile. Can't wait to get started on my Spring Quilt Market wardrobe!! 

What kind of wildness do you want to change about yourself???

I believe you can do it! 

I'm with you all the way!!!

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