{happy birthday, mom!!…we’re only getting younger!!}


Happy Birthday, MOM!!!

Today, we are celebrating my mom!!!

She's an awesome mom, has a gob of fun qualities like always being there for me no matter what!!! I'll save the rest of my list for her card!

Except, I want to share this one awesome talent of my momma:


{pic from Pinterest here}

And in honor of her baking and her birthday, I made her an apron!!! :) (I have another gift for her, so I'm not spoiling too much of the surprise! but don't tell!!)


This is a quick 2hr apron (unless you want to embroider the pocket like I did…then it takes a little bit longer!!) that you can put together out of 4 fat quarters and scraps!!!


The good news is that I'll be sharing this tutorial in time for you to make one for Mother's Day!!!!!

{mommy and me and her mommy and daddy!!}


 Happy Birthday, Mom!!! Love you!!!


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    Oh my. Thanks Sally. I celebrate you and yours, Tiff and hers, Bill and his. I am so proud of my family.
    Love, Mom

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    teeheehee!! Yep, you and Dad did a great job raising us!!! ♥

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    You and your mom are like twins, I swear! Happy b-day to her!

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    What a sweet post. Happy Birthday and Happy Mothers Day to your Mom!

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    Ohhhh what a compliment, thanks, Steph!! ♥

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    Thanks so much, Jocelyn!!!! ♥

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