{Bijoux Launch Party and a giveaway!!!! let’s get this party started!!}


Ohhhhhhh it's a party, alright!!!

We are celebrating the launch of BariJ's newest fabric line, Bijoux!!!

And today is my fun day to share my experience with these fabulous fabrics!!

And I get the privilege of being in Portland right now with Bari and all of her gorgeousness!! So you get a couple extra pics in here of the launch of Bijoux here, too!!

First of all, my darling friend Bari sent me some patterns and a batch of these yummy fabrics: 


I picked out Bari's pattern, the Primrose Village Wallet pattern to whip up for her booth here at quiltmarket!!

My first thing to conquer (and maybe you can relate…) was the zipper!! Ohhhh, the easy way this pattern works, that zipper ends up sooooo cool looking on the outside of the wallet!


the next thing I conquered (it's all easy with this awesome pattern!!) was the clear vinyl part that holds your license! how fun is that???


and the credit card holders…fun, fun, fun!! (I use mine for gift cards!! easier to spend, right???)


And the pattern has a little coin purse to boot!! (i am loving the yellow zipper that matches this fabric perfectly!!)

And on the outside front, I added a three-yoyo flower…just to add a little girlie-ness…perfect!


Here's the whole thing!




and the coin purse…


Love this pattern, but I especially love this fabric!!!

So I had to whip up a little something in my sister's craft room before we drove down to Portland Thursday…


Here's me putting on a ruffle flower on the front of a bag that I finished pretty quickly…

and here is me and Bari showing off the finished bag in her Quiltmarket booth yesterday…



We are pretty darn cute, I must say!!! ♥

And as a special bonus, here are some other pics of Bari's booth:

(be forewarned: I love pics of intricate quilting!!)






Now it's your turn!!!


Bari has been super generous!! She has a fat quarter bundle for you to win! All you have to do is to comment right here on this post!!!

This is a quick one!!! You have 24 hours in which to comment, so it closes around 7am on Sunday morning!! Comment quickly! ♥

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Blessings and thanks for joining me admiring this awesome fabric, Bijoux!!!

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