{…and you can quote me on that!!}


{snack mat made by Brooke over at Silly Mama Quilts}

I'm over in Smithville, Tx at a Quilt Retreat partying up a storm!! Okay, really, I'm quilting a sheep quilt….because I LOVE sheep!!!

Besides SHEEP, I absolutely love text…quotes, words, lyrics…

So, let's look at some awesome text!!

{image via Pinterest Here}

Mondays are my FAVE! So this quote is right up my alley!!

Mumford and Sons Quote

{image found on Pinterest here}

Love this quote from a Mumford and Sons song!!


{image found on Pinterest here}

This is sooooo true about Mr Gorgeous!!! Love that man!!!

Bind my wandering heart

{image found on Pinterest here}


 and check out what I did with these Pinterest ideas (found in my Pinterest Boards):




Today is FULL of possible!!!! Yay!!!!

What are you finding to be possible today????

me? lots of quilting and gift making!!!


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    These are all great quotes! I especially love the Monday quote and awesome work on your newest project! That board you made looks amazing! 🙂

  2. Reply

    Thanks so much, Crystal!!! I’m loving actually doing Pinterest projects that I pin!! blessings!!

  3. Reply

    Great projects! I am the creator of the Today is Full of Possible image but unfortunately my image was copied from Flickr and not credited to me years ago.

  4. Reply

    THanks, Kim so much for posting here!!! I love that image! I refer to it frequently. I will be sure to credit you in future posts, too! Off to correct my pinterest pin!

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