{a little bit of hope and a lot of hard work!}


Have you ever gone running after a goal and you fall flat hitting a wall??

What do you do? 

The right thing to do is to jump up and keep running!

um, but I don't always do what's right…can I admit that outloud? 

Sometimes I wallow in self-pity or I use the excuse of trying to figure it all out (ie…overthinking it all!!), and in the meantime, my goal just sits there waiting…waiting…waiting!!

Enter: the Shepherd!!


I always go back to the Shepherd's voice. If I listen to Him, He won't steer me wrong! He will open doors to get me to the goal the He has set up for me!! 🙂

And that gives me hope!!! and the impetus to put in more work…to jump up and get over that wall and make it to the goal!!


Awesome words of hope!!!


Keep reaching for your goal!! Keep seeking His voice!!



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