{true confessions…}

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So, here it is…

my true confession…

I'm in love with my husband…

and sewing…

and being happy…


Last week, we celebrated Valentine's Day, and to celebrate my darling husband, I posted something I love about him daily on Facebook for 10 days. It was really mushy and probably grossed some people out!! 🙂 ♥

I wanted to explain why I did it…not to show anyone up, gross anyone out, or to be Pollyanna-ish. But I did it to honor and lift my husband up! One of his main love languages is Words of Affirmation. (See this book, the Five Love Languages, to read all about the way we love each other in any relationship!) 


Mr Gorgeous isn't perfect…pretty close, but not perfect!! He has his issues…but if I sat around and dwelled on his "issues", all I would think about would be his issues!! So instead, I decide to focus on what I love about him! Who wants to sit around and think about what is irritating you about someone? How is that productive?

Here's the rub…

When I do this, (think on his awesomeness), he becomes even more attractive, more adorable, more fun to live with…and he senses that I am even more in love with him!! He starts thinking about my good qualities…like, being able to buy fabric well, picking the perfect restaurant to eat out at…you know, those important qualities!!


Remember, it's not a lie…it's not acting falsely…it's dwelling on what is right and wonderful about my loving man!! It works in any relationship…and in life in general! 



And one of the best qualities of Mr Gorgeous is that he encourages me in my hobbies, especially sewing!!!

Here's my latest project…


Inspire Flutter Table Runner



Sign up for Julie's newsletter over at Intrepid Thread to get the tutorial for FREE!! Yay!!

And here is a little video to explain how I do corners in binding:

I hope this helps out your next project that needs a binding!! Here is my fave binding tutoral: Binding with a Jelly Roll from the Moda Bake Shop.

BTW, my sweet friend, Erin has a great messenger bag pattern…the Zoe Messenger Bag! Worth it!! It took me two hours (and several episodes of Vegas! LOL!!) and I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I am with this fabulous bag! it is the perfect size…so comfy to wear, too!! Grab the pattern HERE!!


Stay tuned for even more wildness…the Project Quilting challenge #4 is up and I'm ready to make stars!! eeeek!!! I've got a clue on what I'm doing, and hopefully my eyes aren't bigger than my stomach!!

One very last thing (or two!! LOL!!): I've added links to my finished projects from last year (2012) and this year (2013)!!

Check it out and be inspired!!! 🙂 blessings for a wonderful week for you!!

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