This is a fun wild pic, huh? I was taking pics of my latest quilt and I couldn't help playing with the lighting! Love the sun in winter…(okay, it's been in the 70s the last few weeks, it's not really winter…just sayin'!!)

I joined in the MQG Michael Miller Madrona Road quilt challenge with this cutie:







I used Film in the Fridge's String Pieced Quilt Tutorial. Easy, wonderful, and so fun!! The only thing that was hard was tearing the paper off of the back!! LOL! and that wasn't really hard! 🙂


So I'm off today to Austin with my older kiddos for my son's Youth and Government State Conference and for my daughter's birthday present – Lion King!!! 

My darling son is all ready with his fun new penguin bow tie that I made for him tonight! ♥

IMG_8655 copy

So handsome! 


He hates for me to take pics of him…especially at midnight! LOL!! But he's resigned to me being a photo momma!! ♥

I hope to have lots of fun hipster pics (since I'm going to the capital of Hipster Texas with three hipsters!! LOL!!) next week…but for now…I need to go pack!!! eeeeek!!!


blessings! blessings!!



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