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Ohhhhhh Wednesday is all done, but I'm still up blogging! I love my life!!!

I knew I'd be a late blogger on this series, and it's proven to be very fun and invigorating! My "I want to make everything all day long" meter is off the scale!! 🙂

So because it is a bit late, I need to just share with you a quick look at some "JAR"ring inspiration!!

P1028130 copy

 My sweetie daughter made a little snow globe for my youngest daughter…but alas, the jar was not airtight. So, we poured out the mineral oil and glitter and got a better jar that was airtight!! But in the meantime, I got to keep this gorgeous jar! (I added polyfil to act as snow in my jar!)

Here's the tutorial she used to make these cuties!!


{find this tutorial HERE on Pinterest!!}


Here is another JAR idea that I found on on of my fave blogs…


Make a Dream Jar for the new year!!! 

{Picture and Instructions on the BLDG25 Free People Blog HERE!!}

I hope to create one of these next week!! I may modify it a bit…like add one thing a month, so by the end of the year it will have 12 dreams that I hope to accomplish in 2013!! so fun!!


So many uses for jars…beautiful uses…beautiful jars…

In November at our Ladies' Ministry Meeting at our church, we made thankful jars. I found a bunch of fun jars (pic above) at the Dollar Tree (dollar store)! We wrapped the jar with jute string with tags that said "Thankful Jar" (actually mine said "Kellers' Thankful Jar!"). We cut little strips of paper and wrote what we were thankful for.

You can set one on your table and each night, add a little strip of paper that tells what you are thankful for that day! Then after a month, you can all sit down and read!

Thankfulness…best cure for anything that ails you!!

Be sure and meet me here tomorrow (really today! it's late!! eeeek!!) to see a new tutorial and project! And don't forget…Friday is our BIG day!!!! ♥



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