{12 days of Christmas – day 10 – 2012 edition}



It's Friday!!!!!


Only three more days (counting today!!! eeeeep!!) left of my 12 days of Christmas. 

Yesterday, my little girlies and I took down almost ALL of the Christmas stuff and put it away. (I totally forgot about the stuff in the front porch and yard! oops!) It was super cathartic for me! 

I need a fresh start…often!! How about you????

I talk about fresh starts a lot! Every Monday, in fact!! But for me, every morning is a fresh start for me. A time to really get it right!


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And a new year is even a BIGGER fresh start for all of us…Thus the New Years Resolutions, the gym memberships, diet books, lists and lists and lists, etc!!!

But for me, this year, I'm going to have ONE, just one resolution….and that is to "Let God…"

Our wonderful Pastor talked this last Sunday about how we all strive to do better, making our lists in the new year, expecting to do better in the year with "doing." (my paraphrasing…LOL!!) But what we need to be doing is letting GOD do the doing! in us!! and through us!!


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This doesn't mean to just sit around watching life pass us by waiting for an invisible hand to reach down and move us from one spot to another…no siree bob!!! This means to get up off of our couch and get out there so that God can nudge us in the direction He wants us to go. 

It's an exciting prospect for me…to let God…I'm super excited to see how much more abundant my life will be! Abundant in His Grace and His Mercy…and especially His Love!! 

Just a minute ago, there was this annoying chirping ouside…not the normal beautiful bird singing, but annoying short staccato chirping. Three weeks ago, I probably would have starting pounding on the window for it to stop! But Mr Gorgeous grabbed me one day out of my craft studio and took me to our bedroom window and showed me what it was that was making that annoying chirping that had been waking us up each morning (a bit too early for musicians, I must say!!). It was a GORGEOUS Cardinal. I adore cardinals, and when I found that annoying sound was coming from him, it immediately wasn't annoying!!

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So, just a minute ago, I couldn't keep blogging without stopping and looking at the beauty of that cardinal. I looked all around the bushes around my window and finally found him. Sooooo beautiful! This is how God changes our hearts…how He moves us…with us leaning into Him and His plans for us…

…it's my fresh start!!!


and for a fresh start for you, I have a Fabric Giveaway from my darling wonderful friend, Julie over at the Intrepid Thread!!!! yay!!!

Here's what she's giving away today!


a fat quarter pack of Blomma designed by Jessica Swift from Blend Fabrics !! (find it here in her shop!!)

To win this pack of fabric, all you have to do is just leave a comment on this post!! No other hoops, just leave a comment!! yay!!

I can't wait to hear from you!

The giveaway closes Monday morning (same as yesterday's bunting pack giveaway!) when I get up and get on the computer! Mr Random will pick a winner! Be sure and leave your email address so Julie and I can contact you! Yay!!!


One last thing…

be sure to sign up for my newsletter. It will be filled with inspiration, links and ideas for your creative soul! And it won't be everyday, by any means!! 

In my next newsletter (which hopefully will go out tomorrow!!!), you will receive the link to a free embroidery pattern. I hope to have one in each of my newsletters!! And this one is right along the lines of what I was talking about today…


I'm praying for you and your new year that God would bless it abundantly and lead you to new heights and adventures…and I'm praying that you hear that beautiful chirping and get inspired to see what God has for you! 

It's pretty amazing!!! blessings!!!


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