{12 days of Christmas – day 10 – 2012 edition}



It's Friday!!!!!


Only three more days (counting today!!! eeeeep!!) left of my 12 days of Christmas. 

Yesterday, my little girlies and I took down almost ALL of the Christmas stuff and put it away. (I totally forgot about the stuff in the front porch and yard! oops!) It was super cathartic for me! 

I need a fresh start…often!! How about you????

I talk about fresh starts a lot! Every Monday, in fact!! But for me, every morning is a fresh start for me. A time to really get it right!


{pic from HERE}

And a new year is even a BIGGER fresh start for all of us…Thus the New Years Resolutions, the gym memberships, diet books, lists and lists and lists, etc!!!

But for me, this year, I'm going to have ONE, just one resolution….and that is to "Let God…"

Our wonderful Pastor talked this last Sunday about how we all strive to do better, making our lists in the new year, expecting to do better in the year with "doing." (my paraphrasing…LOL!!) But what we need to be doing is letting GOD do the doing! in us!! and through us!!


{pic from HERE}

This doesn't mean to just sit around watching life pass us by waiting for an invisible hand to reach down and move us from one spot to another…no siree bob!!! This means to get up off of our couch and get out there so that God can nudge us in the direction He wants us to go. 

It's an exciting prospect for me…to let God…I'm super excited to see how much more abundant my life will be! Abundant in His Grace and His Mercy…and especially His Love!! 

Just a minute ago, there was this annoying chirping ouside…not the normal beautiful bird singing, but annoying short staccato chirping. Three weeks ago, I probably would have starting pounding on the window for it to stop! But Mr Gorgeous grabbed me one day out of my craft studio and took me to our bedroom window and showed me what it was that was making that annoying chirping that had been waking us up each morning (a bit too early for musicians, I must say!!). It was a GORGEOUS Cardinal. I adore cardinals, and when I found that annoying sound was coming from him, it immediately wasn't annoying!!

{pic from HERE}

So, just a minute ago, I couldn't keep blogging without stopping and looking at the beauty of that cardinal. I looked all around the bushes around my window and finally found him. Sooooo beautiful! This is how God changes our hearts…how He moves us…with us leaning into Him and His plans for us…

…it's my fresh start!!!


and for a fresh start for you, I have a Fabric Giveaway from my darling wonderful friend, Julie over at the Intrepid Thread!!!! yay!!!

Here's what she's giving away today!


a fat quarter pack of Blomma designed by Jessica Swift from Blend Fabrics !! (find it here in her shop!!)

To win this pack of fabric, all you have to do is just leave a comment on this post!! No other hoops, just leave a comment!! yay!!

I can't wait to hear from you!

The giveaway closes Monday morning (same as yesterday's bunting pack giveaway!) when I get up and get on the computer! Mr Random will pick a winner! Be sure and leave your email address so Julie and I can contact you! Yay!!!


One last thing…

be sure to sign up for my newsletter. It will be filled with inspiration, links and ideas for your creative soul! And it won't be everyday, by any means!! 

In my next newsletter (which hopefully will go out tomorrow!!!), you will receive the link to a free embroidery pattern. I hope to have one in each of my newsletters!! And this one is right along the lines of what I was talking about today…


I'm praying for you and your new year that God would bless it abundantly and lead you to new heights and adventures…and I'm praying that you hear that beautiful chirping and get inspired to see what God has for you! 

It's pretty amazing!!! blessings!!!


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    I love cardinals too – although as I’m in England I’ve never seen one!
    Thanks for a fabulous giveaway!

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    Cardinals abound out here and in Missouri where I grew up ( not talking baseball team haha). They are my favorite, but they can make some noise.

  3. Reply

    In GA, we had cardinals that nested near our kitchen every year – their chatter is certainly distinctive. I guess we all have our positives along with those other traits that those who love us accept graciously.

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    Thanks for sharing your experience and enthusiasm. Also thanks for the opportunity to win this wonderful giveaway. Happy New Year 2013.

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    I’m glad that I found your blog through Julie. I’m off to read more especially about your angels.

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    I love to see cardinals and blue jays in snowy tree branches – remind me of the antique post cards of fat little boys in their dress-up christmas suits!

  7. Reply

    Love the soft colors in Blomma!

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    Gorgeous fabrics!!

  9. Reply

    What a wonderful message! And I love seeing Cardinals outside my window!

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    Thank you for these wonderful words….just what my soul needed to hear! Thank you. I am becoming a follower and hope to grow in grace with you this year.

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    are you turning the bible verse into embroidery? it’s lovely!! I WANT it :-)I’ll sign up for your newsletter now

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    Beautiful post! My grandmother had a pair of cardinals that would visit her feeder and I always loved seeing them – especially against a snowy backdrop.

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    Hi Sally~
    I just found your blog through Intrepid Thread. Can’t wait to read more!!

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    I just discovered your blog from the link at the intrepid thread!! thanks for hosting the giveaway! the cardinal is beautiful, not sure if ihave ever seen a live one though! off to do some browsing on your blog!

    vickibrown at shaw dot ca

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    Thank you for this inspiring post! I’ve been struggling mentally with goals for this year. “Let God” resonates within. Thank you!

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    Beautiful fabric bundle. Thank you for the chance to win.

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    What a lovely post and a great giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win. 🙂

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    great giveaway and I love the text you included in your post! What a great blessing to know that through Christ’s sacrifice we are a new creation if we trust in Him!

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    We see cardinals all the time here {NC}. They’re very pretty.

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    Cardinals are my favorite bird!

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    Love your resolution!

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    Thanks Julie and Sally for the beautiful give away!

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    I have six pairs of cardinals that feed at my feeder and chirp at the cat as she watches them thru the window. Love seeing their bright red standing out on the sleeping leafless trees.

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    Great giveaway…thanks to Julie and Sally for this….I did sign up for your newsletter too….anxious to see what’s going on.

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    Thanks for the giveaway. Cardinals are such a classic symbol of Christmas and remind me of an ornament we had on the tree as a child.

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    Thanks for the beautiful giveaway!

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    Thank you for this giveaway. jennylarking@gmail.com

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    I adore that fabric ! What an awesome pack !

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    Great giveaway. Thanks for hosting it.

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    What fun colors and thanks for the inspiration and giveaway.

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    Thanks for the beautiful words! I’m off to sign up for your newsletter!
    gailxs@hotmail dot com

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    Your 12 Days blog series is precious! Thanks for sharing.
    And thanks for the chance to win these beautiful fabrics!

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    Great giveaway. I love e intrepid thread.

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    Those are some yummy fabrics! Thank you for the chance to win them. 🙂

    There aren’t any cardinals where I live but I love to see pictures of them — beautiful birds.

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    What beautiful stitchwork. I am currently working on some stitching for my mom, and I have to say it is quite a new experience.. love this one though.

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    Thanks for sharing your faith and inspiration. Have a blessed day.

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    What a beautiful post. The cardinals have been coing to my bird feeder. I love to hear their praising their Creator.

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    Enjoyed your post! Thanks for the giveaway!

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    Beautiful fabric! Thanks for the opportunity!

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    I agree — cardinals do not make beautiful music, neither do bluejays! But they are simply beautiful. Love those fabrics, somehow caramel colors have been calling my name lately.

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    What a beautiful bird – certainly nothing so colourful here in the UK (though I am very fond of our native birds). Thank you for a lovely giveaway.

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    I am new follower to you! Wonderful blog and Thanks for the giveaway! Anything Julie has is MAGNIFICENT!

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    Marvellous blog. Thank you Sally. Fantastic photo of the cardinal.

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    I love cardinals too. We always have 2 or 3 that eat out of our feeder. Love those fabrics. You are a great inspiration and I need to let my husband read this so he will get out of his chair.lol

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    Love the fabric bundle. Thanks for the chance

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    Yes, Cardinals do brighten up our Mi winters, too.
    This phrase comes to mind: Let go and let God.

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    Beautiful giveaway! I love cardinals, too!!


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    Such beautiful pictures AND fabric…thanks for the chance to win the giveaway.

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    What a pretty bundle…Thanks for the chance to win….

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    Beautiful … Thanks for the chance to win!

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    Beautiful fabrics – thanks for the giveaway chance and best wishes in 2013!

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    Thank you for the chance to win a bundle of Julie’s lovely fabric. The cardinal is pretty and like the embroidery. My fresh start is to restore my health if it is God’s will. Best wishes. mlwright29(at)hotmail(dotit) com

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    Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! Like your Cardinal embroidery. I follow via email.
    jbechosend at sbcglobal dot net

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    Cardinals are my favorite! Thank you for hosting this wonderful!

    Many wonderful Blessings to you in this new year!

    sandyb720 at gmail dot com

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    great fabric glad i found you

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    I love your blog! Your inspiration is just what I needed today.
    And the gorgeous fabric being given away.

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    Thanks for the blessings, and back at ya! 🙂

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    Happy New Year. Very pretty fabric-thanks for having the giveaway.

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    Nice Resolution. Thanks for the giveaway of beautiful fabrics.

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    Great bundle. Happy New Year.

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    Love your stitching of the cardinal!

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    Just found your blog – so awesome to read your reflections on how God can speak to us also through his creation – cardinals are indeed a beautiful bird. Having recently moved away from Ontario to Northern BC, cardinals are one of the things I am really missing this winter. We do have deer grazing in the backyard instead and have also seen the occasional pilliated woodpecker instead – so who’s complaining! God shows his splendor no matter where we are! Have a blessed New Year!

  63. Reply

    I agree with you about the Cardinal – it was always such a rare but very welcome sight (and sound) when we would glimpse our wee red friend in the cedar hedge in our backyard. And amazing giveaway – thank you to you and Julie! amycav at hotnmail dot com

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    sorry – I forgot to add my email address.. it is lisajvandam at gmail dot com (just in case I might win that gorgeous fabric)

  65. Reply

    I believe everyday I wake up is a good day I could just live without the cold weather. Just breathe is my motto when things go wrong.

  66. Reply

    Thank you for your awesome encouragement & lesson….definitely planning to “Let God do the doing” here too…. Love Cardinals too, help make Winter not so wintery…lol

    Thanks for chance to win your drawing!! 🙂

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    Happy New Year and God bless!

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    Thank you so much. The cardinal is just so lovely. And thanks for the give away!

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    I just found you via The Intrepid Thread – it’s very nice to meet you! And i love the idea of “Let God”. My little family has a lot of changes planned for this next year and I think that’s definitely something we must remember, to let God guide us while we make these big decisions. That He will help to get us where He wants us if we are open to it. Can’t wait to read your newsletter, too. 🙂

  70. Reply

    You and your family sound precious and I love your blog posts and story. You’ve uplifted my faith and made me smile.

    Thanks for taking the time to share your life.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  71. Reply

    Thank you for your spiritual inspiration! I only need to look out my kitchen window to see God’s simple gift of nature’s beauty and the wild birds loving the backyard feeders! Happy New Year 2013- The year of doing!

  72. Reply

    I love the idea of “let God”…thanks for a great inspiration to start off the year. Thanks to you and Julie for the giveaway!

  73. Reply

    Thanks for the reminder about who’s really in charge!

  74. Reply

    Such beautiful fabric! God’s beauty surrounds us always but sometimes we just have to search for it. After the most horrible four months in my life, I am beginning to emerge more thankful, more loving, more patient and my eyes have been opened to the beauty that has been there all along.

  75. Reply

    What a lovely giveaway and I like your 12 days of Christmas

  76. Reply

    Love the bright fabric!
    Thanks for the posting from His Word. When I first read that, it gave me such hope! A brand new page of a new life is possible. Yipee!

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    Those are such lovely colors. Thank you so much.

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    Cardinals are great! and not just the baseball team 🙂

  79. Reply

    This is a lovely message, and a great resolution. I found your blog through Intrepid Thread, and I love your resolution to “Let God…”. It’s something that is easy to forget!

    Thanks for the chance to win the beautiful fabric!

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    I haven’t seen any Cardinals here, but in the summer months there are Egrets that come every evening and perch on the trees by the creek behind my home. They are beautiful birds also.

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    Great giveaway, thanks for the chance to win.

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    Love the cardinal! Thanks for a chance to win!

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    julie has some of the best fabric around, and she and you are so generous! thank you for the opportunity to win.

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    I love cardinals too, and Julie, and this lovely fabric, and what a great year already !

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    Happy New Year! I know you will have great year for your are in good hands! Thanks for the chance!

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    I would love to win this lovely fabric. Thank you for giving me the chance to win it!

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    My neighbor has a ton of bird feeders in her backyard. My window above the sink looks out into the yard and I have been enjoying watching all the varieties of birds hanging out. Also the occasional squirrel practicing trapeze like movements trying to get at the seeds.

  88. Reply

    I’, all for fresh starts! Thanks for the chance to win this lovely fabric.

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    That fabric line has spring blooms and thus hope all over it!

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    what a great bundle, such beautiful fabrics! thanks for this opportunity! 🙂

  91. Reply

    love cardinals, too! first and only time i saw them, i was visiting in san angelo tx when i looked out the window and saw birds flitting about in the tree across the street … i went out and looked — 20-25 cardinals! all i could do was watch them ’til they were gone. thanx to you and julie for the chance to win this bundle.

  92. Reply

    Thank you for the inspiring post. It sounds so simple to Let God, but it can be so difficult in our hustle and bustle society to be still long enough to hear his voice and sense his nudges. Thanks for the reminder and the giveaway!

  93. Reply

    Love the cardinal – thanks for sharing the pics. And thanks for the chance to win – the fabrics are gorgeous.

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    Cardinals are beautiful! And thanks for the giveaway! Beautiful fabric:)

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    Thanks for sharing. And, thanks for a great giveaway 🙂

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    Thanks for the giveaway. The bundle is beautiful.

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    Thank you for the giveaway, that is some beautiful fabric!

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    Ooh I really like that Blomma fabric.
    Ha ha..I know that sound from the cardinal. It certainly isn’t as sweet a sound as some songbirds, but when I hear it, I know the cardinals are near.

  99. Reply

    Thanks for the giveaway, and for the devotional thought. I try always to remember this idea, which I’m paraphrasing: God does indeed answer prayers, and most often He uses other people to do that. So many times I have seen strangers and friends step in and be the very answer to prayers they have no way of knowing were being uttered. I want to be, as you say, out there, ready to be nudged, so I can be someone else’s answer–not because I am wise or virtuous, but because our Heavenly Father knows he can count on me to act when I’m prompted to do so.

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    Beautiful post!!! We don’t have Cardinals where I live, lucky you!!!

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    What a wonderful post that uplifts the Lord! I’m so glad I found your blog! I came over from Julie’s link to your site, and I’d love to be included to win!

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    Beautiful — it’s going to be the best year ever! 🙂

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    Oh my goodness, this fabric is gorgeous! Thank you for doing this giveaway.

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    Great giveaway. Love the fabrics. Thanks for sharing

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    Found you through the Intrepid Thread. Love your story about the cardinal.
    I have many different birds at my feeders and nesting boxes and enjoy each
    one—no matter how much noise they make.

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    I enjoyed your blog. You have a really lovely giveaway and I’m glad I found you through Julie.

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    I found your blog through Julie and it`s nice meet you.Thanks for the giveaway!!

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    So happy to have found you through Julie and thank you for your inspiration. God is all around us, we just need to pay attention. Happy New Year!

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    Ohhhhh those fabrics are divine! I’ve started dreaming about quilting, that means I’m hooked yes? xx

  110. Reply

    Love the photo of the cardinal — and the cardinal embroidery!

  111. Reply

    This is my first time visiting your blog. I looked through your tutorials and decided I want to try making the daughter’s version of the Mother/Daughter apron for my granddaughter. I also signed up for your newsletter.

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    Just signed up for your newsletter. Look forward to the embroidery patterns.

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    Lovely giveaway, thanks for the opportunity

  115. Reply

    Oh, what a lovely giveaway! I am glad you found the cardinal was the culprit, so now you can be amused by his efforts, rather than annoyed!

  116. Reply

    II Corinthians 5:17 is a wonderful verse. I’m so glad that we are new in Christ!

    pinkscissorsdesign @gmail .com

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    LOVE this giveaway! What a beautiful bundle. Hoping to follow your blog – I did find you on Pinterest and FB. And looking forward to your posts.

  118. Reply

    It is nice to watch all of the birds enjoying our birdbath. We get a few Cardinals at our house and they are very pretty. Thanks for the chance to win.

  119. Reply

    What a great post Sally! Love Beth T’s words (comment above mine?). I think that is a great reminder, to “Let God”. I can’t remember exactly how this saying goes, “when you’re having tough times, instead of hanging your head and looking down, raise your eyes and look up”. Basically saying “Let God”. What a super lovely fabric bundle Julie has put together!

    Thank you and The Intrepid Thread for an awesome giveaway and a chance to win. Wishing this year brings you happiness, good health and lots of Blessings!


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    Love this fabric and wish I could win it!!! thanks for the giveaway!

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    Love the Blomma fabric and the word that you choosed:)

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    Love your site. Love the fabric. Thanks for the giveaway !

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    Wow, those fabrics just say “spring” Can’t wait to get your newslettere

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    I love cardinals.. they’re so pretty and they remind me of my mom since they are her favorite bird. 😀

  125. Reply

    I love the patterns in the fabric giveaway!

  126. Reply

    Oh yes, cardinals are divine! Don’t have them in Sweden though, so I miss them. We do have magpies, and I thought the same thing when I first heard them, but I love to watch them now, they are so feisty! I saw one escape from the clutches of a hawk this past summer! Lovely giveaway, that grey fuschia prin t is marvelous.

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    What a wonderful giveaway…gorgeous fabric.

  128. Reply

    Wow. I love entering these little give a ways. Even if I don’t win. These as always, are lovely choices. God bless
    Ellen M

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    Hi Sal
    Thanks for chance. Have a wonderful 2013

  130. Reply

    I’ll be signing up for your newsletter just as soon as I finish my comments. So nice to find you here, I need lots of motivation and inspiration, as most of us women creators do!! Thank you for offering up a wonderful give-away. Be especially blessed!

  131. Reply

    I’m always looking for more embroidery designs! This reminds me I haven’t gotten any fabric from Julie since Christmas. Wonder if I can stall a bit longer or I’m going to have to give in and buy more 😉 Thank you for the giveaway!

  132. Reply

    What a fantastic picture of a Cardinal. I live in Regina, Saskatchewan Canada and I haven’t seen a live cardinal. Thank you for the opportunity to win these beautiful fabrics.


  133. Reply

    I am so blessed. We have a bird feeder that I can view from my sunroom and which frequented by 3-4 cardinals (males and females) daily. I love them because they remind us of God’s awesome creations.

  134. Reply

    Hi there! It’s my first time here, and you have a darling blog. Thank you so much for hosting the giveaway!

  135. Reply

    Love your work and inspiration. God does wok miracles and always seems to listen. Sometimes the answer isn’t what is expected and sometimes the answer is very long in coming but it may be a lesson to us in patience – it’s oot of our hands. Love Cardinals (St. Louis and the actual birds). They are beautiful – have many here and get to watch Mr. & Mrs. C build their new homes, etc. Thanks for this giveaway.

  136. Reply

    Any day we sew is a good day! Every stitch is divine.

  137. Reply

    Very cool collection! Great story about the cardinal! 🙂

  138. Reply

    Cardinals are my favorite bird! Thanks for the giveaway and I enjoyed finding your blog. Have a great night!

  139. Reply

    Your cardinal is beautiful! We don’t have them here in Ca where I live. I do get blue jays and even though they are squackers I love to look at them!

  140. Reply

    I really love these!

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    What a sweet giveaway…thanks for the chance!

  142. Reply

    Thank you both for this opportunity. I love these fabrics and think they would make wonderful gifts for my new granddaughter, who is a miracle.. she almost did not make it long enough to be born. but God blessed us with her sweet, sweet presence. I am so very grateful every day!

    Happy New Year to you both.

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    Thanks for sharing gorgeous fabric. I would love to see a cardinal, such a beautiful color.

  144. Reply

    The fabric collection is stunning! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  145. Reply

    Thank you for sponsoring the lovely giveaway. Julie has such a wonderful selection at her shop.

  146. Reply

    Love the scripture from 2 Corinthians! That was one of the first verses I memorized after I surrendered my life to Christ. 🙂 have a great week.

  147. Reply

    I just packed away my Christmas things, too. All guests have gone home, the laundry is done, beds changed, the house is cleaned. Now I can reclaim my sewing room (often called “the dining room”) and start quilting again.

  148. Reply

    Wonderful post. All beautiful ideas. I’ve always loved Cardinals myself and I attribute that to my Mother who loved birds and gardening. In fact, I have a bird feeder 3 feet from my kitchen sink outside a huge window there and I have Cardinals all year long feeding there as well as Goldfinches and another favorite, the Baltimore Oriole when they come through. Those are just gorgeous birds as well.

  149. Reply

    cardinals are the favored bird in our home! Beautiful birds! I’m new to your blog, but I know I am going to enjoy reading your posts! Thank yu for the chance at the give away and for sharing your words!

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    Thanks for such a great reminder about Him. And a great give away also.

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    Beautiful fabric! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  152. Reply

    We get cardinals every winner – they are beautiful!
    Loved your post!

  153. Reply

    We don’t have cardinals where I live but I think they are beautiful. I have never heard them sing – maybe some day I will see and hear one.

  154. Reply

    The fabric reminds me of spring. It’s been so cold here lately I’m longing for some mile weather and bring on the cardinals!
    shel704 at aol dot com

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    Thanks for the giveaway. I have just signed up for your Newsletter.

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    I love that Blomma Line! Thanks for the chance to win.

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    Very exciting to have cardinals to look at and listen to as well!

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    thank you for the giveaway, the fabric is gorgeous.

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    thank you both so much, I love the first bundle pink and green are my favorite colors, let see if this time the winner has my name ^_^

  160. Reply

    My home now is the Mohave Desert in Northwestern Arizona. A lovely place but no cardinals. Most of our birds are tan or brown. I miss the brightly colored birds. There is compensation however. We saw a pair of golden eagles a few days ago and the hummingbirds will be back in a few months.

    This is my first visit to your blog. It`s wonderful! I signed up for your newsletter just now. Thanks for the Giveaway. The fabric is gorgeous.

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  162. Reply

    I think cardinals must be among my favorite birds. We had some that nested very year so close to the window we could hear the babies every morning. Thank you for the giveaway!

  163. Reply

    I feed birds. I love to see the cardinals at my feeders. They look so beautiful especially when we have snow. I love your blog. Thanks for a chance to win fabric.

  164. Reply

    I just found your blog through Intrepid Thread. I will be a new follower. Thanks for the giveaway

  165. Reply

    I have so much fun watching the cardinals outside my kitchen/dining windows. I love your quote as well as change is my word for 2013! What beautiful fabric you have showcased!

  166. Reply

    Great giveaway and inspiring message! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  167. Reply

    I live in northern Wisconsin & cardinals live here year round. I love seeing them in the winter – their bright red contrasting with the snow & the evergreen trees. Heavenly indeed!

  168. Reply

    Very inspirational, your blog – I will do more discovery once I get this comment posted! My mom has cardinals in her yard and encourages them with feeders. Sometimes there will be three or four at the feeder just outside her window. I couldn’t tell you what their “song” is as all I notice is their beauty! Happy New year!

  169. Reply

    Just ran across your blog and do enjoy it! And such a nice give-away.

  170. Reply

    I love the colors of the fabric bundle. I would really, really like to add them to my stash. Thanks!

  171. Reply

    love the big floral print!

  172. Reply

    lovely fabrics! and a great way to look at the new year, which tends to feel the same as the old when work starts again.

  173. Reply

    I am so glad I found your blog, (through Julie) I have been looking at your wonderful creations. I have added you to my goggle home page so I can see any new activity. I love Cardinals also, what a beautiful creation the Lord has made with them. We live in Idaho and I have never seen one here.
    Thanks for the chance to win the lovely fabrics!

  174. Reply

    Let God should be everyones motto!

  175. Reply

    Thanks for the giveaway, thats a pretty sweet little spring bundle!
    Would do great for a baby quilt I need to make.
    lisamcgriff (at) hotmail (dot) com

  176. Reply

    Love the cardinal and I have so many at my feeders they are always a delight.

  177. Reply

    what a beautiful bundle!! thanks for the offering!! 🙂 Love your beautiful picture of the cardinal also!! I love birds 🙂

  178. Reply

    The fabric is lovely and I enjoyed reading your blog! thank you!

  179. Reply

    I’m doing a cross stitch pattern with cardinals.
    Theresa N

  180. Reply

    The bird is lovely 🙂

  181. Reply

    What a wonderful giveaway and such pretty fabrics. Thanks so much and I’ve just added your blog to my list.

  182. Reply

    I usuallly to have a hard time putting away all my Christmas decorations but this year I was glad to de clutter and reorganize this past week. It feels so fresh and clean. Hubby and I put up pictures that have been stacked in 3 large plastic bins since we remodeled, 2 years ago! I was excited to see how they looked without all the Christmas around. The house looks good. Love the cardinal. Sometimes I see a blue jay around here. Thanks.

  183. Reply

    Thanks for the giveaway. I found you through Intrepid Thread a blog I follow. It is my experience that living a life of faith requires trust…trust in God, not in what folks might say or do…just one to trust, that’s where my heart and mind and spirit live every day.

  184. Reply

    What a pretty fabric line, thanks for the chance!

  185. Reply

    Thank you for the opportunity you offered with this give away. I love cardinals and have a few that I search for when I hear them singing. They do remind a person to look at the beauty He has given us in the world.

  186. Reply

    The fabrics are beautiful! I love cardinals, too. Last week I saw one in a neighbor’s orange tree. The bright red against the green leaves and blue sky–striking! Thanks for the giveaway!

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    What a lovely blog and some beautiful fabric! Perfect for a jump start on spring! Thanks for the giveaway

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    Happy New Year, thanks for the awesome giveaway!

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    Love that passage in scripture. What a nice way to start the new year! And I am a follower, look forward to that pattern in the email newsletter!!

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    Very generous of you. Love the cardinal, very cute.

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    I love Cardinals…remind me of my Dad who passed away 40 years ago…whenever I see or hear one I know his spirit is near! Thanks for a lovely giveaway

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    thank you for the chance at the giveaway! Happy winter and may spring come quick!!!

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    Cardinals are soooo gorgeous! It has been a life long freak of mine to actually see one. I live in California and, sadly, we don’t have any here. Love your embroidery piece! We do have many, many beautiful birds that I adore watching.

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    Love Love Love Blomma. Thanks for the giveaway!

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    I just signed up to follow your blog! Thanks for the chance to win!

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    How lovely! Julie is so generous and that fabric is beautiful.

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    Beautiful fabric and beautiful thoughts. I have been trying to choose a verse to be my “theme” for this year, and as i was reading 2 Cor 5:17 it hit me that is the one!!! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  198. Reply

    LUckily we can find beauty in just about anything. I’d much rather look for it than complain.

  199. Reply

    What a simple & yet huge resolution! Love Intrepid Thread, too. 🙂

  200. Reply

    That fabric would make great kitchen cushions for my house!

  201. Reply

    Well said, and something I have really been trying to do. Let God. I am not a patient person so that makes it that much more difficult! 😉 Thank you for the giveway. Beautiful fabrics!

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    Gorgeous! Thanks for the devotional, too. I like when people aren’t afraid to share their faith.

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    Beautiful fabric!!!

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    I followed the link to your blog from The Intrepid Thread, my most favorite place to buy fat quarter collections. Love your blog and have added it to my “Inspired By…”

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    Pretty Fabric!

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    what a pretty little cardinal!! and love the fabric..Thanks for the chance

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    Very inspiring posting. Thanks also for the giveaway

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    Cardinals are my favorite birds! They look especially sitting on a snow-covered evergreen tree here in Virginia! Thanks so much for this great giveaway 🙂

  209. Reply

    I meant to say they look especially beautiful!

  210. Reply

    I look for the Light and Sound of God everywhere & chirping would be one of those! Just a reminder of God’s love for us! The fabric is beautiful. I would love to make somthing fun for someone with it.

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    Thanks for the giveaway chance! And for the inspiring scripture verse. 🙂

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    just saw this ….. hoping i beat you to the computer!

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    Thank you for the chance to win! Julie and the Intrepid Thread are fantastic! Lovely cardinal embroidery and I’ve signed up for your newsletter. 🙂 Happy new year!

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    I just can’t wait to win this awesome fabric. It will be the inspiration
    for a new quilt project for 2013!

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    Wow! Beautiful fabric bundle.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

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    Cardinals are one of my favorite birds. We usually have a pair that nest in our yard and feed at our bird feeders.

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    What a pretty bundle of fabric, I really like the colors and I love the cardinal you made!

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    What a wonderful selection of fabric you are giving away!!! 🙂

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    I get to watch a pair of blue jays through my kitchen window – cardinals rarely come. Thanks for the chance at the bundle!
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