{christmas joy and planning…}


Are you ready???


I'm not!! 

I'm getting there, though! With my new Christmas Planner that I created from this new fun kit by ValC Designs and Pink Reptile Designs…


So I created an 11-page Christmas Countdown Journal to help me get through the holidays all organized-like!! 🙂 Here are some shots…


I just printed on regular printer paper and added some notebook paper if I need to add notes. Such a cool tool!!


I love this page!!! (I added my sample Christmas Cards…) 🙂

This is just a very small fun sample of the journal!

And Guess What??? You can get one of these for FREE!!!

Just check out Val's Challenge RIGHT HERE and join in to get your free Christmas Countdown Journal!


 Some other things I'm getting ready for…


Come on by (if you're local!!) and here me croon this Sunday night!!

(or listen to me RIGHT HERE on iTunes!!)

So, I'm a little addicted to buying new outfits for all of my gigs. But alas, I'm not authorized to buy new outfits right now…

BUT, I can make anything I want!! 

So I did!!

Here's a preview of my new Christmas Skirt:


Super fun!! It's from this…


I'll be posting a Fashion Show next Thursday right here, so make sure you come back to check it out!!! Yep, I'm loving sewing clothes right now!!

And one more little sneaky PEEK…


Because I don't want all of the fun, hope, and inspiration to end on the 25th!! Stay tuned!! yipeee!!!



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