{12 days of Christmas – day 5 – 2012 edition}



Are you ready for a fun tutorial tonight???


I'm super excted about this impromptu little Flutter mini-table-topper that I whipped up yesterday and today. 

I tried a new technique this time…taking all of my pics with my iPhone!! Enjoy!!

Here's what we are making:




 Eight 10" squares of Flutter – (I used all of the orange colorway)

1 yd of Flutter (Your choice of colors…I used two different red fabrics) for backing

Three 2.5" strips of Flutter for binding



LET's Sew!!!!



1. Cut your eight 10" squares into four 2.5" strips each.

Here's my tip for the day:
If you want your squares and seams to match up (which most people do, but I'm okay if mine don't…it's a anti-perfectionist thing!!), you need to make sure you cut precisely! and your 1/4" seams need to be exact on every strip you sew…ie, do as I say, not as I do!! LOL!!


2. Sew 5 strips together.


3. Turn your strip square 90degrees and cut four 2.5" strips.

(sorry ab0ut the blurry iPhone pic…experimenting with photos is always exciting, right???)

4. Do this with another 5 strips and cut them into strips of 2.5" squares. Take three more strips and sew them together. Lay out your rectangle block with your three strips in the middle and a set of 2.5" square strips on all four sides. 


5. Sew your strips to your side square strips, then sew your top and bottom square strips matching seams. If your seams don't match, it's totally okay!! If you need to trim before you match the bottom and top square strips, it's okay. Really, however it turns out will look gorgeous after quilting! I promise!! 

6. Do this all again to create a second rectangle block. Sew the rectangles together matching seams on the long sides!


7. Take all of your leftover 2.5" x 10" strips and sew them two by two on the short ends together. Then sew all of the long 2.5" x 19.5" strips together again matching seams (or not if you are a free spirit like me!!).


8. Sew one of the 19.5" sides to the top of the rectangle blocks making one very big rectangle! (see pic above for clarification as to what to sew to what! LOL!!)


9. It's time to make your quilt sandwich (from bottom to top: backing with wrong side up, batting, top with wrong side down) and quilt this baby!!


I quilted mine with swirlies…LOVE free motion quilting!


10. Now, you can bind your table topper with your strips. Follow THIS TUTORIAL here for great binding!


I love a good binding!!

and you are done and you have this fantastic table topper for your beautiful white table!!




There's my backing…LOVE!!


I'll take a fun pic tomorrow in some natural light for ya…

I tell you what inspires me from this project…the swirlies on the solid strips…I'm going to have to do a whole solid quilt with those swirlies…


How about you? What inspires you today??

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve…my post will be earlier since we will be partying all night long (and now you are singing Lionel Richie…I know you are!!)!!!

Blessings and safe new year's celebrating to you!!!

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