{12 days of Christmas – day 4 – 2012 edition}




I could write for days about Thankfulness…but I only have minutes tonight…

In the month of November, I saw numerous amounts of people writing what they were thankful for each day – 31 days of Thankfulness in November. But what about December? What about January?

Are you still thankful today? tomorrow?

I am…

…so very thankful!!


{image found here on Pinterest!!}

It's a heart issue, though.

We can say we are thankful, and most likely, we are…but when Thankfulness changes our attitude, when it changes our hearts, that's when true thankfulness has shown up!

Here's a book that I'm slowly working my way through. I don't want to miss a word of this fantastic book, so I'm really pouring myself into it as I read…


I've probably mentioned it before…One Thousand Gifts

check out Ann Voskamp's web site HERE! so inspiring!!

…and life-changing!! You start to look at little things that you wouldn't normally think of as blessings! That, my darling friends, is what changes the heart!!


{my mom made me thank you cards for Christmas!! beautiful!!}

Each year at Thanksgiving, we do something crafty to share what we are thankful for…

this year was no different. We did quilt blocks that I will be making into a quilt, hopefully finishing in January!! (I'm going to be a finishing fool in 2013!!!)

Here are some of the blocks…


my niece did such a fun artistic block, as did my oldest…



and my brother and his fam joined in…


(alice is 2!! and yes, he is my brother….we are all thankful for football right now!!!)

Are you still thankful even though November has passed???

Tell me what little things or big things you are thankful for today!!

"Enter His gates with thanksgiving
And His courts with praise.
Give thanks to Him, bless His name." Ps 100:4



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