12 days of Christmas – day 1 – 2012 edition


I'm so super excited to be sharing the next 12 days with you! This is a special time for me where I love to just reflect and organize my thoughts and life. I wanted to share this time with you, my darling blog readers, to inspire you, too! 

The 12 days between Christmas and January 6th are the perfect set of days to fill yourselves with joy, relaxation, and most of all, HOPE!! 

I hope that, through these images, tutorials, and fun ideas, you are inspired over the next 12 days to live life a little fuller, and to realize that God has something in store for you in the next year and the years to come!! A life more abundant and blessed than you have experienced in the past!! 

I, for one, am believing for the best year yet in 2013!! Join with me in the next 12 days to be inspired and filled with HOPE!!!


It's the day after Christmas…

all of the festivities are over, leftovers are being eaten, lights are being taken down, radios have gone back to their regularly scheduled music, presents are being played with…

…life goes on after Christmas…

…but are our lives changed? 

My kids received a present for Christmas this year that will change lives!!

{image from WorldVision.org}

 They had a sheep donated in their honor from WorldVision.ORG. 

A family's life will be changed because of this sheep. They will have a source of income from the wool, milk to use, possibly more sheep to sell at market, etc. My sweet daughter made up a whole scenario of how the whole world could be changed from this one sheep!! 


{my sister-in-law made this bread basket liner for me!!! yay!}

You all know my affinity for sheep…


{my mother-in-law stitched this for me for Christmas!!! eeeek!! so fun!!}

I am daily reminded about how amazingly our Good Shepherd takes care of us! He provides for us, cares for us, and herds us the way we should go all when we listen to his guiding voice!!!!

In the Christmas story, the shepherds are the first ones mentioned that visit the baby Jesus. I love all of the little shepherds with their sheep in our nativity sets…


Sheep…dirty, humble animals…

…used to teach us of the sweet spirit of God! That Christmas spirit that we all talk and sing about all December long…

Reminds me of the last line of a song…

{from A Charlie Brown Christmas first airing on CBS Dec 9, 1965}

"Oh that we could always see such spirit through the year…"

I can't stop thinking of this line…It inspires me to want to be better, to be kinder, to spread more cheer all throughout the months to come!!!

Here's a free printable for you to put up to inspire you throughout the year!!


{click on the pic and right-click to save}

Merry First day of our 12 days of Christmas!!! Come back tomorrow for more fun!!

(btw, here's another giftie that I got this Christmas…my girlies are playing it right now!!)



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